Research Papers 2013

Synopsis: Here you will find a list of Social Development Committee research papers published during 2013.

The re-purchase of ex-social housing by Social Landlords

- Date: 30/09/2013 - Author: Eleanor Murphy

This paper provides brief background information on the House Sales Scheme in Northern Ireland; the 10 year rule regarding the re-purchase of ex-NIHE and ex-Housing Association properties; trends in sales under the House Sales Scheme; the approach of re-purchasing ex-social housing stock in Great Britain (i.e.‘buy back’ schemes); and, restrictions to the ‘Right to Buy’ in other jurisdictions


Licensing of Pavement Cafés Bill

- Date: 30/07/2013 - Author: Eleanor Murphy

The Licensing of Pavement Cafés Bill was introduced to the Assembly by the Minister for Social Development on 17 June 2013. This paper provides an overview of the Bill and the Department’s pavement café appraisal exercise. This paper also looks briefly at the issue of café culture and explores some of the benefits which may be derived from the cultivation of a café culture in Northern Ireland. Although there has been significant support for a pavement café statutory framework for Northern Ireland, the paper also explores some of the concerns raised in relation to pavement café regulation.


European Funding: Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI)

- Date: 25/06/2013 - Author: Eleanor Murphy

The European Commission proposes to introduce a new tool, known as Integrated Territorial Investments (ITIs), to focus on integrated actions in urban development through the means of simplified European funding. The briefing paper, prepared for the Committee for Social Development, looks at what kinds of ITIs could be formed and the perceived benefits of ITIs.


The Independent Living Fund

- Date: 27/03/2013 - Author: Eleanor Murphy

The purpose of this paper is to provide background information on the Independent Living Fund; the Coalition Government’s rationale for the closure of the fund; and an overview of some of the concerns/issues raised by local stakeholders.


Compulsory Purchase of Residential Dwellings: Financial Compensation for Owner-Occupiers

- Date: 22/03/2013

This briefing paper has been prepared to assist the Committee for Social Development in its consideration of financial support for owner-occupiers whose properties have been vested. The paper provides an outline of the current arrangements for financial compensation in Northern Ireland; an overview of a recent Lands Tribunal case relating to a property vested in the Village Area of South Belfast; and, approaches taken in other jurisdictions to assist owner-occupiers in redevelopment areas.


The Regulation of Registered Housing Associations

- Date: 16/01/2013 - Author: Research and Information Service

This paper provides an overview of the regulation of Registered Housing Associations in Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The paper explores the definition of regulation; what makes good regulation; why it is important that social housing is regulated; the arguments for and against independent regulation; regulatory structures in England and the devolved administrations; some views from the social housing sector; and, the role of tenants and service users in regulation.


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