Executive Budget 2016-17: Departmental Allocations

Synopsis: As part of a four-part series on the Executive Budget 2016-17, this Briefing Paper presents tables (Tables 1-3) and graphs (Figures 1-5) to illustrate departmental allocations outlined in the Minister of Finance and Personnel’s Written Statement on 17 December 2015. Key observations about those tables and figures are noted as far as possible, given current unknowns arising from the departmental restructuring, which will reduce departments from 12 to 9. Amongst those unknowns are future decisions that are to be taken by the Executive, such as those relating to the total resources that are to be held in ‘Central Funds’. For more information on departmental restructuring, refer to RaISe Briefing Papers NIAR 714-15, dated 6 January 2016 and NIAR 780-12, dated 17 October 2012. (Paper 3 of 4)

Date: 07 January 2016

0316.pdf (890.08 kb)

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