Brexit Reading List

Synopsis: A list of information resources which address the potential impacts of Brexit on Northern Ireland.

Brexit and Northern Ireland:
A Reading List

For political, economic, geographic and social reasons, the impacts on Northern Ireland of UK withdrawal from the EU might be expected to differ in important ways from the impact of withdrawal on other parts of the UK. Most obviously, Northern Ireland is unique in that it is the only part of the UK which has a land border with an EU Member State. When compiling this reading list, therefore, an attempt has been made to select commentary, analysis and media coverage which has particular relevance to the specific context of Northern Ireland and future of the border. The list, however, also includes strategically important documents, such as the published positions of the UK and Irish governments and the EU institutions, and documents addressing the leave process and negotiations. Material from the devolved institutions in Scotland and Wales has also been included, given the potential relevance and read across to the work of the Executive and the Assembly.

As the volume of published material on Brexit is vast and varied, this reading list does not purport to be a single comprehensive source covering all issues and opinions. However, the material has been drawn from a wide range of well established and authoritative sources and RaISe intends to update the reading list as appropriate. 

Brexit and Northern Ireland: A Reading List  was updated on 28 August 2019.

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