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Order Paper

Date: 12 October 2021

1. Prayers


2. Public Petition

Strategy for Expanding the Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Mr Andrew Muir

3. Question Time

3.1 Economy


4. Private Members’ Business

Second Stage: Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) Bill (NIA Bill 35/17-22)

Ms Clare Bailey  

Motion: Cancer Screening for Firefighters


That this Assembly recognises the urgent need to protect firefighters from cancer; acknowledges the increasing evidence highlighting the serious health risks to firefighters and their families following exposure to carcinogenic fire effluents; further recognises that as a result of their profession firefighters can be up to four times more likely to develop cancer and other illnesses than other members of the public; and calls on the Minister of Health to introduce annual cancer screenings to monitor and manage the health status of serving firefighters.

Mr David Hilditch

Mr Jonathan Buckley

Motion: Education Catch-up Strategy


That this Assembly notes the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education, schools and youth services; recognises the immense challenges facing young people, parents and school leaders as they seek to catch up on missed time and opportunities for learning, socialising and physical activity; further recognises the specific impact this has had on children with special educational needs; regrets the mishandling of exam grading and test and trace by successive Education Ministers which has contributed to the stress on school communities; further notes analysis from the Education Policy Institute which suggests that Northern Ireland is spending less than other administrations on education catch-up policies; and calls on the Minister of Education to bring forward a resourced catch-up plan to address the challenges facing young people, parents and school communities.

Mr Daniel McCrossan
Mr Justin McNulty
Mr Colin McGrath

5. Adjournment


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