Order Paper

Date: 20 September 2016

The Assembly to sit at 10.30am.

Indicative Timings

Marshalled List of Amendments

1. Prayers

2. Public Petition

End the Veto on Marriage Equality

Mr G Carroll

3. Question Time

3.1 Justice

3.1.1 Topical Questions

3.2 Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

3.2.1 Topical Questions

4. Private Members’ Business

Motion: Japanese Knotweed


That this Assembly calls on the Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to bring forward proposals for a regional programme to eradicate Japanese Knotweed.

Mrs P Cameron
Lord Morrow
Mr G Middleton
Mr W Irwin

Motion: Roads Maintenance Budget Deficit


That this Assembly is concerned that the road structural maintenance budget deficit is currently estimated to be £1 billion; notes the importance of road maintenance in terms of road safety, especially in rural areas; further notes that it is estimated that over £137m per annum is needed to adequately maintain, in its current state, the structural integrity of Northern Ireland’s road network; and calls on the Minister for Infrastructure to include a ring-fenced allocation to his Department’s baseline budget for road maintenance repair that will facilitate a more strategic and, consequently, efficient approach to road maintenance.

Mr G Mullan
Mr R McPhillips
Mr D McCrossan
Mr P McGlone

5. Adjournment

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