Order Paper

Reference: OP 38-1621

Date: 17 January 2017

Indicative Timings

Marshalled list of Amendments

The Assembly to sit at 10.30am.

1. Prayers

2. Question Time

2.1 Infrastructure

2.1.1 Topical Questions

2.2 Justice

2.2.1 Topical Questions

2.3 Urgent Oral Question 

To ask the Minister of Health to outline the measures she is taking following the withdrawal of the GP contractor confirmed to accept the contract to run the Bannview Medical Practice.

Mrs J Dobson

3. Opposition Business

Motion: Public Inquiry into the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme


That this Assembly recognises the mounting public concern relating to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme and the serious allegations of incompetence, corruption and abuse; further recognises the damage caused to public confidence in these devolved democratic institutions; calls for the establishment of a public inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005, to be chaired by a judicial figure proposed by the Lord Chief Justice; believes that the First Minister should stand aside pending publication of the final inquiry report; further believes that the terms of reference should include the development and operation of the scheme, any matter in relation to policy, financial, operation and compliance, the role and conduct of relevant persons and organisations, assess if there were breaches of any relevant code, public standards or employment contract, the response to and treatment of persons who raised concerns, if any person with a potential conflict of interest acted to their own benefit or the benefit of others, assess all RHI applications and report on any actions to be taken in respect of suspected fraud, the suspension and recovery of payments and the future operation of the scheme, make such recommendations as the inquiry believes necessary including in relation to any issue of potential malfeasance in public office or of suspected criminal activity identified; believes that the inquiry should issue a final report within six months of its commencement with the provision for interim reports at least on a two-monthly basis; further calls for all inquiry reports to be published in full upon completion without requiring the agreement of any Executive Minister, the Executive, or the Secretary of State, with copies of any report lodged in the Assembly Library; calls for any case of suspected fraud identified to be referred to the PSNI; and further calls on the Minister of Finance and the Minister of the Economy to bring forward a plan to arrest the liability to the public purse.

Ms C Hanna
Mr S Aiken
Ms N Mallon
Mr P Smith

Motion: Failure of the Executive


That this Assembly recognises the grave consequences for the people of Northern Ireland of the failure of the Executive to agree a budget and estimates for the financial year 2017-18, the failure of the Executive to endorse a Programme for Government and the continuing failure of the Executive to safeguard the interests of the people of Northern Ireland following the result of the EU Referendum.

Mr M Nesbitt
Mr C Eastwood
Mr R Swann
Ms C Hanna

4. Adjournment

  • Removal of Loading Bays at Main Street and Bridge Street in Bangor

Mr A Easton

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