Order Paper

Reference: OP 270/11-16

Date: 14 April 2015

2. Question Time

2.1 Enterprise, Trade and Investment

2.1.1 Topical Questions

2.2 Environment

2.2.1 Topical Questions

3. Private Members’ Business

Motion: UDR Four


That this Assembly notes the miscarriage of justice in the case of the UDR Four; recognises the particular circumstances of Mr Colin Worton in relation to the case and that he served over two and a half years in custody on remand before the case against him was dropped and he was released; further notes the Minister of Justice’s comments on the miscarriage of justice, the innocence of Mr Worton and the significant detrimental impact on Mr Worton; and calls on the Minister of Justice to seek urgently to address this miscarriage of justice by exercising his discretion to provide redress for Mr Worton.

Mr W Irwin
Mrs A Foster

Motion: Block Grant


That this Assembly notes the estimated reduction of £1.5 billion from the block grant; further notes the declared intention by the current Tory-led government to make further swingeing cuts of many millions over the next mandate; notes the devastating effect that this has had on the funding of public services; declares its opposition to the austerity policies at the root of all of this; calls on the British government to pursue, in the immediate term, a policy of economic stimulus; and further calls on the Executive to continue to defend the core public services of health and education and appeal to civic society, employers, trade unions, and the voluntary and community sector to unite in lobbying the British government on this basis.

Mr D McKay
Mr A Maskey
Ms M McLaughlin

4. Adjournment

  • Services at the Causeway Hospital

Mr J Dallat

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