Earlier meeting of the Assembly under Standing Order 11

SP241_22 Lt to All Members Recall of the Assembly.pdf (958.56 kb)

To: All Assembly Members

Having received a valid notice from 30 Members, in accordance with Standing Order 11,
that the Assembly should meet at a date earlier than that to which it stood adjourned, the Assembly is hereby summoned to meet on Monday 30 May 2022 at 12pm.

The purpose for which the Assembly has been summoned is to elect a Speaker and Deputy
Speakers, to appoint a First Minister and deputy First Minister and to debate the following

That this Assembly supports the urgent appointment of Executive Ministers; calls for the formation of an Executive without further delay to ensure the democratic outcome of the election is respected; and further calls for immediate action to be taken by an incoming Executive to address the issues pressing down on the public, including, the cost of living crisis, the challenges in our health system and other fundamental issues which demand immediate government attention.

I will be meeting with Party Whips at 11 am tomorrow to agree the arrangements for the

l remind Members that if the Assembly is unable to elect a Speaker and Deputy Speakers, it
cannot proceed to do any of the other business including the appointment of a First and
deputy First Minister and the debate on the motion.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Maskey

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