Marshalled List of Amendments - 24 October 2016

20 October 2016

Private Members' Business

Item 5: Order Paper 24/16-21 – Monday 24 October 2016

Motion: Ending the Separation of Paramilitary Prisoners at HMP Maghaberry

That this Assembly notes that HMP Maghaberry is unique in the British Isles and much of Europe for the challenges it faces as a result of housing prisoners with such opposing political and ideological views, and criminal backgrounds; further notes the continuing implementation of a flawed decision, taken in 2003, to separate paramilitary prisoners, and the impact that this is having on the operation of the prison and on the morale of public servants who live with its consequences; believes that the prison should gradually revert back to its integrationist policy and that this should be reflected in the Executive's Action Plan on Tackling Paramilitary Activity, Criminality, and Organised Crime; and calls on the Minister of Justice to put in place the framework to ensure that, by 2021, there are no new admissions to separate paramilitary wings and that by 2026 there is a fully-integrated prison regime.

[Mr D Beattie]
[Mr R Beggs]

The Speaker has selected the following Amendment for debate:

Amendment 1

Leave out all after 'Maghaberry' and insert:

'is unique on these islands and much of Europe for the challenges it faces as a result of housing prisoners with diverse backgrounds who are subject to different court processes depending on the nature of their charges; recognises that all prisoners and all prison staff must be treated with dignity and respect; believes that there is a need for ongoing and comprehensive prison reform; and calls on the Minister of Justice to work jointly with the planned independent review to examine the operation of the separated regime, evidencing the need for any changes and providing useful information for stakeholders to take forward, as proposed by the report from the Fresh Start Panel on the Disbandment of Paramilitary Groups.'

[Mr D Kearney]
[Ms J McCann]
[Mr G Kelly]
[Mr R McCartney]

Item 5: Order Paper 24/16-21 – Monday 24 October 2016

Motion: Addressing Nursing Shortages

That this Assembly acknowledges the ongoing problem of nursing shortages in Northern Ireland; recognises the work carried out by former Health Ministers and Health and Social Care Trusts to address this problem; and calls on the Minister of Health to build on these efforts by working proactively with our colleges and universities to promote nursing as a career choice, and to work collaboratively with the relevant bodies to train and retain more nurses, thus reducing the total spend on agency workers and assisting long-term workforce planning.

[Mr S Anderson]
[Ms P Bradley]
[Mr G Middleton]
[Mr T Clarke] 

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