Marshalled List of Amendments - 24 April 2012

20 April 2012

Item 4:  Order Paper 64/11-15 – 24 April 2012 

Private Members’ Business – Motions

Motion: Devolution of Fuel Duty Powers

That this Assembly condemns the forthcoming three pence rise in the cost of fuel; notes that our people pay some of the highest fuel costs in Europe; and calls on the Executive to start negotiations with the British Government regarding the devolution of powers on fuel duty.

[Mr D McKay]
[Mr P Maskey]
[Mr C Murphy]

The Speaker has selected the following Amendments for debate:

Amendment 1

Proposed: Leave out all after ‘Europe;’ and insert:

‘and calls on Her Majesty’s Government to halt its planned fuel duty increase and, due to Northern Ireland’s peripherality within the United Kingdom, to devise and implement a scheme for Northern Ireland similar to the rural fuel duty relief scheme which was recently introduced for the Inner and Outer Hebrides, the Northern Isles, the Islands of the Clyde and the Isles of Scilly.’

[Mr S Hamilton]
[Mr A Ross]

Amendment 2


Proposed: Leave out all after ‘Europe;’ and insert:

‘recognises the potentially significant cost to the block grant of devolving fuel duty; and calls on the Executive to lobby Her Majesty’s Government to take action to address high fuel prices in Northern Ireland.’

[Mrs S Overend]
[Mr L Cree]
[Mr R Beggs]


Amendment 3

Proposed: Leave out all after ‘regarding the’ and insert:

‘establishment of a commission to assess the devolution of further fiscal powers, such as fuel duty, which would enable the Assembly to serve the people of Northern Ireland better.’

[Mr D Bradley]
[Mr C McDevitt]
[Mr A Maginness]

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