Marshalled List of Amendments - 11 March 2014

7 MARCH 2014

Private Members’ Business – Motions

Item 3:  Order Paper 197/11-15 – 11 March 2014 

Motion: Drawdown of European Union Funds 

That this Assembly notes the significant funding available for drawdown within the European Union; commends the Minister for Regional Development for leading the Northern Ireland Executive in the successful drawdown of competitive funding; further notes with grave concern the imbalance in the drawdown of European funds for economic development between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland under the Framework 7 Programme, whereby Assembly research statistics show that while Northern Ireland secured €35 per capita, the equivalent in the Republic was €590; and calls on the First Minister and deputy First Minister to take steps to ensure an increased drawdown of competitive European funds across Departments, in addition to identifying an appropriate region of the EU against which Northern Ireland can benchmark its performance.

[Mr M Nesbitt]
[Mrs S Overend]

The Speaker has selected the following Amendment for debate:

Amendment 1

Proposed: Leave out all after ‘commends’ and insert:

‘the Executive for setting an increased target for our drawdown; further commends those Ministers who have been successful in securing significant funding to date; and calls on the Executive to ensure that they maximise all potential funding opportunities from Europe.’

[Ms M Fearon]
[Ms B McGahan]
[Mr A Maskey]

Motion: BBC Spotlight Programme on Waste Disposal

That this Assembly recognises the issues raised in the recently broadcast BBC Spotlight investigation into illegal waste disposal and other irregularities; and calls on the Minister of the Environment to establish an independent public inquiry into waste disposal in the North West to ensure that public confidence is restored and to allay concerns that other illegal waste disposal sites remain undetected.

[Mr R McCartney]
[Mr C Boylan]
[Mr B McElduff]
[Mr I Milne]

The Speaker has selected the following Amendment for debate:

Amendment 1

Proposed: Insert after ‘West’:

‘and the rest of Northern Ireland, including the role unauthorised quarries and related planning enforcement issues played in facilitating environmental crime,’

[Mr S Agnew]

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