Non-Executive Bill Proposals

Most primary legislation that passes through the Northern Ireland Assembly is brought forward by the relevant Minister, however bills can also be introduced by an individual Member or Assembly Committees.

Learn more about Non-Executive Bills here.

2016-2017 Mandate
Non-Executive Bill Proposals


Proposed Bill Name


Associated documents / information

Status of proposal

Breastfeeding etc (NI) Bill 2016 Claire Hanna, MLA  Consultation closed on 30th December 2016.
Integrated Eductaion Bill Kellie Armstrong, MLA


Consultation closed on 31st January 2017.


Offence of Assaulting Accident and Emergency Workers Bill

Paul Frew, MLA

Consultation closed on 13th March 2017.

Safe Access to Healthcare Services

Clare Bailey, MLA

Consultation closed on 5th April 2017.


Please note: Once any non-Executive Bills have been introduced all up to date information and associated documents will be available on our main ‘Current Bills’ page here 

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