Welfare Reform Bill Notice of Amendments tabled on 18 February 2015 for Further Consideration Stage

Clause 10, Page 4, Line 38

At end insert -
‘(3A) Where an additional amount under subsection (2) can be awarded at two different rates, the
lower rate shall be no less than two thirds of the higher rate.’

Mr Steven Agnew

Clause 44, Page 21, Line 17

Leave out sub-paragraphs (iv) to (vi)

Mr Steven Agnew

Clause 44, Page 21, Line 22

Leave out sub-paragraphs (ix) to (xi)

Mr Steven Agnew

Clause 44, Page 21, Line 29

At end insert -

‘(3A) Regulations to which this subsection applies shall not be made unless a draft of the regulations has been laid before and approved by a resolution of the Assembly.

(3B) Subsection (3A) applies to regulations under any of the following alone or with other

(a) section 9(2) and (3) (standard allowance);

(b) section 10(3) and (4) (children and young persons element);

(c) section 11 (housing costs element);

(d) section 19(2)(d) (claimants subject to no work-related requirements);

(e) sections 26 and 27 (sanctions);

(f) section 28 (hardship payments).’

Mr Steven Agnew

Clause 89, Page 64, Line 24

At end insert -

‘(3A) A person entitled to personal independence payment shall receive the award no later than 16 weeks after the date on which a claim for it is made or treated as made.’

Mr Steven Agnew

New Clause

After clause 121 insert -

‘Duty to report on operation of this Act

121A.—(1) The Department must, not later than 3 years after this Act receives Royal Assent, publish an independent report on the operation of this Act.

(2) The Department must lay the report before the Assembly.’

Mr Steven Agnew

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