Superannuation Bill

Bill Number: Bill 6/11-15

Bill Type: Executive

Bill Sponsor: Minister of Finance and Personnel

The Superannuation Bill is:

A Bill to make provision for and in connection with limiting the value of the benefits which may be provided under so much of any scheme under Article 3 of the Superannuation (Northern Ireland) Order 1972 as provides by virtue of Article 4(2) of that Order for benefits to be provided by way of compensation to or in respect of persons who suffer loss of office or employment; and to make provision about the procedure for modifying such a scheme.

Stages of a Bill

Bill Stage Date Completed
/ Status
All Associated documents and links
First Stage 12 March 2012 Bill as Introduced (HTM) (PDF)
Explanatory & Financial Memorandum as Introduced (HTM) (PDF)
Official Report - 12 March 2012

Second Stage 27 March 2012 Official Report - 27 March 2012
Official Report - 27 March 2012 (continued)
Committee Stage 26 September 2012 Report on the Superannuation Bill
Consideration Stage 22 October 2012

Notice of Amendments - 9 October 2012
Marshalled List of Amendments - 22 October 2012
Provisional Grouping of Amendments - 22 October 2012 

Bill as Amended at Consideration Stage (HTM) (PDF)
Explanatory and Financial Memorandum as Amended at Consie (HTM) (PDF) 

Official Report - 22 October 2012

Further Consideration Stage 6 November 2012 Official Report - 6 November 2012
Final Stage 19 November 2012 Official Report - 19 November 2012
Royal Assent 9 January 2013

Superannuation Act 

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