Marine Bill Notice of Amendments tabled on 24 April 2013 for Consideration Stage

Clause 8

The Member listed below gives notice of his intention to oppose the question that Clause 8 stand part of the Bill.

Mr Steven Agnew

Clause 20, Page 14, Line 32

At end insert -

‘(8A) Where the authority has given notice under subsection (5), it should only proceed with the act if it is satisfied that—

(a) there is no other means of proceeding with the act which would create a substantially lower risk of hindering the achievement of conservation objectives stated for the MCZ,

(b) the benefit to the public of proceeding with the act clearly outweighs the risk of damage to the environment that will be created by proceeding with it, and

(c) where possible, the authority will undertake, or make arrangements for the undertaking of, measures of equivalent environmental benefit to the damage which the act will or is likely to have in or on the MCZ.

(8B) The reference in subsection (8A)(a) to other means of proceeding with an act includes a reference to proceeding with it—

(a) in another manner, or

(b) at another location.’

Mr Steven Agnew

Clause 22, Page 16, Line 22

Leave out ‘section’ and insert ‘sections 20(8A)(c) and’

Mr Steven Agnew

Clause 23, Page 16, Line 32

After section 20(2) insert ‘, or the duty imposed by section 20(8A),’

Mr Steven Agnew

Clause 32, Page 22, Line 35

After ‘fishing’ insert ‘at a distance of not less than 6 and not more than 12 nautical miles from the seashore’

Mr Steven Agnew

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