Carrier Bags Bill - Notice of Amendments tabled on 20 January 2014 for Consideration Stage

New Clause

After clause 8 insert-

‘Amendments of the 2013 Regulations

8A.-(1) The Single Use Carrier Bags Charge Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2013 (“the 2013 Regulations”) are amended as follows.

(2) For regulation 3 substitute-

         “Meaning of “carrier bag”

3. In these Regulations “carrier bag” means a bag of any material supplied or designed for the purpose of enabling goods to be taken away or delivered.”.

(3) Except in regulation 1(1) (citation) and regulation 3 (meaning of “single use carrier bag”)-

(a)  for “single use carrier bag” (wherever occurring) substitute “carrier bag”;

(b) for “single use carrier bags” (wherever occurring) substitute “carrier bags”.

(4) In regulation 6, for the words from “for the purpose” to the end substitute “at a place where goods are sold”.

(5) In paragraph 1 of Schedule 1 (exemptions)-

(a)  in sub-paragraph (1), after head (k) add-

      “(l) bags which are sold to customers for a price of not less than 20 pence each;

      (m) multiple reuse plastic bags that are issued as free replacements for a corresponding number of worn out multiple reuse plastic bags.”;

(b) in sub-paragraph (3), after the definition of “medicinal product” insert-

““multiple reuse plastic bags” means bags which¾

(a) are made wholly or mainly from plastic;

(b) have either maximum dimensions of 404 mm (both width and   height) or a maximum dimension of 439 mm (either width or height);

(c) are manufactured from material which is greater than 49   microns in thickness;

(d) are purchased by the customer; and

(e) when worn out are returnable to the seller from whom they were purchased to be replaced free of charge;”.

(6) This section comes into operation on 19th January 2015.

(7) Nothing in this section affects any power to amend or revoke the 2013 Regulations.’

Minister of the Environment

Clause 9, Page 3, Line 21

Leave out ‘Act’ and insert ‘section’

Minister of the Environment

Clause 9, Page 3, Line 30

Leave out subsection (4) and insert-

‘(4) Subsections (1) and (2) do not affect the generality of subsection (5).

(5) The Department may at any time review whether any description of carrier bag should attract the requirement to charge.

(6) Expressions used in subsection (5) and in the charging provisions have the same meaning in that subsection as in those provisions.

(7) In this section-

      “charging provisions” means section 77 of and Schedule 6 to the 2008 Act and any regulations made under those provisions;

      “the Department” means the Department of the Environment.’

Minister of the Environment

Long Title

After ‘bags;’ insert ‘to amend the Single Use Carrier Bags Charge Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2013;’

Minister of the Environment

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