Research Papers 2021

Synopsis: Below you will find details of Research Publications which have been prepared by the Research and Information Service (RaISe) for the Committee on Procedures in 2021.

Legislative Consent Motions: January 2020 – November 2021

- Date: 02/12/2021

This briefing paper has been prepared following a request from the Committee on Procedures, which asked for information on the following areas in order to clarify relevant details of figures in relation to LCMs [since January 2020] including; (a) how many Bills have been introduced to Parliament during this period which require(d) the consent of the Northern Ireland Assembly; and of these (b) on how many occasions Ministers have laid a memorandum (either in line with the requirements of Standing Order 42A(4) or not); (c) how much time there was between the Bill’s introduction and its final amending stage (which is the deadline by which the Assembly consent must be given).


E-voting in parliamentary chambers

- Date: 19/11/2021

This paper looks at the provision for electronic voting in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament, House of Commons, House of Lords and Dáil Eireann. It also provides information on the extent of electronic voting in parliamentary chambers in other parts of the world and the procedural considerations required to support its introduction.


Private Members' Bills – Bills that have become law in other legislatures and procedures in other legislatures

- Date: 06/07/2021

This briefing paper has been prepared following a request from the Committee on Procedures. The Committee sought information on: the number of Private Members’ Bills (PMBs) that have become law in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament, House of Commons and Dáil Eireann; and the procedure for PMBs in other legislatures.


Inter-Parliamentary Relations: Committees

- Date: 07/06/2021

This briefing paper addresses a query from the Committee on Procedures on “the procedural steps required to facilitate greater joint working between committees of each of the UK’s devolved legislatures and committees of the House of Commons, for purposes including shared scrutiny of inter-governmental working on policy areas of common interest”.


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