Research Papers 2021

Synopsis: Below you will find details of Research Publications which have been prepared by the Research and Information Service (RaISe) for the Committee for Communities in 2021.

Betting, Gaming, Lotteries and Amusements (Amendment) Bill

- Date: 19/10/2021

This paper has been prepared to inform consideration of the Betting, Gaming, Lotteries and Amusements (Amendment) Bill. The Bill represents the first stage of a two phased approach to gambling reform in Northern Ireland. This paper looks at gambling regulation and gambling prevalence in Northern Ireland; provides an overview of the clauses of the Bill and identifies some issues that may merit further consideration; provides some contextual information on gambling regulation in GB and RoI; and explores other gambling-related issues that are not within the remit of the Bill (as introduced).


Private Tenancies Bill

- Date: 21/09/2021

This paper has been prepared to inform consideration of the Private Tenancies Bill which was introduced by the Minister for Communities on 6 July 2021. The stated aim of the Bill is to make the private rented sector a safer and more secure housing option for a wider range of households. The Bill introduces a series of amendments to The Private Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 2006, which is the main legislative framework for the private rented sector in Northern Ireland.


Charities Bill

- Date: 11/08/2021

This Bill Paper has been prepared to inform consideration of the Charities Bill. It provides background to the Bill’s introduction and content, including comparison with current law in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, and highlights potential issues for consideration.


Multiagency partnerships and engagement with local communities: Local Licensing Forums in Scotland

- Date: 19/05/2021

During our presentations to the Committee on the Liquor and Registration of Clubs (Amendment) Bill on 26 November, RaISe suggested that the Committee may wish to consider the current licensing and alcohol regulatory infrastructure in Northern Ireland in terms of how information and best practice is shared between relevant stakeholders on a regional and/or local basis. Having an effective infrastructure in which information can be shared, particularly at a local level, may be particularly important in respect of the proposals within the Bill to (a) permit further additional hours and (b) to make licensed premises and registered clubs more accessible to children and young people (under the age of 18).


Institute for Public Health webinar: Alcohol-Related Harms in Night Life Settings on the Island of Ireland

- Date: 19/05/2021

The Institute of Public Health (IPH) North South Alcohol Policy Advisory Group held a webinar on ‘Alcohol-Related Harms in Night Life Settings on the Island of Ireland’ on 3 December 2020. Given the relevance of the subject matter to the Committee’s consideration of the Licensing and Registration of Clubs (Amendment) Bill, the Clerk to the Committee asked that RaISe provide a short summary of the webinar.


Sport and disability in Northern Ireland

- Date: 19/04/2021

This research examines Northern Ireland’s sports and physical activity participation rates for those with a disability. The second part of the paper provides details of key challenges for disability sport, how relevant organisations are tackling those challenges, the resulting impacts and future plans.


Female participation in sport and physical activity in Northern Ireland

- Date: 19/04/2021

This research paper explores key issues relating to female participation in sport and physical activity in Northern Ireland and compares findings with neighbouring jurisdictions. The paper also includes a summary of different strategies and policies to increase female participation


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