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Synopsis From this page you can access information regarding Assembly questions which have been submitted for either written or oral answer.

The purpose of Assembly Questions is to ask for information or to press for action. When the Assembly is in session, Members may table up to five questions for written answer each day, one of which may be for priority answer within two to five working days. Non priority questions should receive a written answer within ten working days. Members who wish to ask an oral question of a Minister submit their names for inclusion in a computer ballot each Tuesday and, if selected, they table their question by Thursday.

Watch our video and go behind the scenes of Question Time – one of the most important ways for the Assembly to hold Ministers to account. Find out why and how it happens.

Latest Questions for Written Answer

Questions for written answer which have been tabled this week are published on a daily basis. You can find older questions for written answer through the AIMS Portal.

Answers to Written Questions

The answers to written questions are published daily, as and when they are received by the Assembly and you can find them in the AIMS Portal.

Weekly Answers Booklet

The questions which have been answered each week will be contained in a written answers booklet which will be published on the website each Monday morning and can be accessed by clicking here.

Oral Questions (Question Time)

Questions for oral answer are taken in the Assembly Chamber between 2.30pm and 3.30pm on those Mondays and from 2.00pm to 3.00pm on those Tuesdays on which the Assembly is sitting. Oral questions to the Assembly Commission are taken every twelve weeks from 3.00pm on a Tuesday. The rota for questions to Ministers and the Commission can be accessed by clicking here.

Questions selected for Oral answer will be published on the website each Friday morning. Answers to oral questions are contained in the Official Report (Hansard) for each sitting as appropriate. You can also watch Question Time at a later date with our on demand service.

Topical Questions

As of Monday 09 September 2013, Question Time will now include 15 minutes of topical questions at the start of each Minister's Question Time period.

The list of members who will be asking a topical question on a particular day is available here. The questions themselves are not available before Plenary but can be found in the Official Report (which is normally published fully at some stage the following day) or can be viewed on the Question Time video page (which is normally updated the following day).

Questions for Urgent Oral Answer

Questions for Urgent Oral Answer are questions which do not appear on the Order Paper but which, in the opinion of the Speaker, are of an urgent nature and relate to matters of public importance. Questions for Urgent Oral Answer will normally be asked immediately after Question Time.

Answers to Questions for Urgent Oral Answer are contained in the Official Report (Hansard) for each sitting as appropriate.

Consolidated List of Questions

Any unanswered questions at the end of each week will be contained in a Consolidated List of Questions which will be published on this page each Monday morning.

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