Previous Brexit Events

Synopsis: Below are details of some of the events, conferences and seminars on the theme of Brexit and Northern Ireland which have already taken place.

The events listed below have already taken place but you can view details of all forthcoming Brexit Events.

Date Location                
 August 2017
Wednesday 30 August Moot Court Room
School of Law, Tower Building,
QPol Brexit Discussion: an update on key policy considerations Having set in motion the formal process for leaving the EU, the UK government is almost six months into a two-year negotiation process that continues to take place in a context of political uncertainty within the UK and the EU. QPOL Policy Engagement at Queen’s invites you to the latest in its series of ‘Brexit Clinics’ bringing together academic experts and stakeholders to discuss the issues facing the UK, to consider the particular challenges the process poses for Northern Ireland and to provide informed insights into the process.
July 2017
Thursday 27th July Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute
What does the UK General Election mean for Brexit and Northern Ireland?
Roundtable Discussion: The panel will discuss the social and political challenges facing Ireland in the immediate aftermath of the recent British election, including in relation to - the future of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the prospect of a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit, the potential reintroduction of either a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ border, and the implications of Brexit both for the peace process and for human rights, women’s rights and LGBT rights.
Tuesday 18th July

Senate Room, Queen's University Belfast, 
University Road
Belfast BT7 1NN

Envisioning a Post-Brexit Northern Ireland for Young People
by British Youth Council
A chance to engage with decision makers and other young people as to what the future of European engagement is for young people in Northern Ireland. This event will cover areas such as European opportunities for young people following BREXIT including exchanges and opportunties for employment and training as well as other areas that may arise as part of the discussion.  Young people are invited from accross the political spectrum to attend and query what a post-BREXIT Northern Ireland might look like.
This event will be an interactive Q&A session where young people aged 11-25 are invited to ask questions, have their say and be heard.
Friday 14th July

Senate Room
University Avenue
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ

Borders in a post-Brexit Europe

by European Parliament Office in Edinburgh

Following the UK’s decision to withdraw from the European Union and as BREXIT negotiations get under way, the panel will explore the challenges (and possible solutions) faced by governments (national and devolved), businesses and citizens around the issue of borders. The panel will be discussing issues like customs and movement of people, goods and services between the UK and the EU, on the island of Ireland and beyond.
The event will be live streamed.
Friday 7th July

The Merrion Hotel Merrion Street Upper

 Brexit Update

Understanding the impact of Brexit 1 year on
Free even hosted by The Sales Institute 11.30am - 2.30pm
(Register via eventbrite)

June 2017

Friday 23 June

Moot Court Room, School of Law, Tower Building, QUB, Belfast

One year on: what Brexit means for our environment On the first anniversary of the UK referendum on exiting the EU, Queen's University Belfast host a public roundtable that brings together academics and practitioners to discuss what Brexit means for our environment North and South.

Issues for discussion include:

  • To what extent will Brexit impacts be felt beyond the UK?
  • How will Brexit, and the prospect of a harder border impact whole-island supply chains in energy and agri-food?
  • How should agricultural and environmental policies change after Brexit – and where should these decisions be made?
Wednesday 21 June

The Stormont Hotel, Upper Newtownards Road Belfast. BT4 3LP

Borders, Constitution and Money: An Expert Seminar
by  academics at the University of Glasgow and Ulster  University
This seminar focuses on the impacts leaving the EU will have for devolved government and public policy in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and relationships with the Republic of Ireland.
The issues covered will include:
  • The constitutional position of Northen Ireland and its relationship with the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

  • The type of border that will exist between Northen Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and its implications for trade, freedom of movement and public services.

  • Emergent threats and opportunities for businesses in Northern Ireland.

  • The ability to deliver key public services after Brexit if economic circumstances deteriorate or staffing problems become more acute. 

Thursdy 20th June Newry Good Practice in Cross-Border Cooperation in the Irish Border Region  This event is part of an international study visit for participants in a
project funded by the INTERREG programme for the Polish-Czech
Euroregion Cieszyn Silesia.  The project is based upon the use of
innovative methods of cooperation based on an exchange of experience
between the Polish-Czech borderland and other European border regions in
terms of developing solutions for cross-border problems that have
political, historical or ethnic/national roots.
Friday 16th June Bangor Centre for International Law, Bangor University Devolved Nations and International Law

This one-day seminar will analyse the impact of devolution on the UK’s international legal practices, and the influence of international law over the UK’s devolved administrations.
The seminar will examine such issues as: devolved nations’ interaction with international human rights treaty monitoring bodies; the relationship between international law and devolved law; independence and secession; and the role of devolved nations in treaty-making and international negotiations.

Thursday 15th June NICVA
61 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast
BT15 2GB
Brexit: Charting a Way Forward. A Civil Society Dialogue The Human Rights Consortium, in partnership NICVA and with sponsorship from Unison, is hosting a one day conference to bring various civil
society sectors concerned about Brexit together to chart the overlap and  intersectionality of those threats and collectively discuss workable solutions that will protect all the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland.
Wednesday 14th June

Belfast campus
Ulster University
York Street
BT15 1ED

Brexit – What’s next for Northern Ireland and the EU? Ulster University will be convening a major forum together with business, industry, academia, and civic society. The core purpose of the event is to focus on the solutions that are uniquely required for Northern Ireland and identify opportunities that present the most promising avenues for progress.
May 2017      
Tuesday 30th May

Belfast City Hall
Donegall Square

A Global City in a post-Brexit Era – A Case for a City Deal? QPOL Policy Engagement at Queen's will bring together academic experts and stakeholders from across Belfast at a special “Brexit Clinic” to discuss the issues facing the UK as it negotiates its withdrawal from the EU. This event provides the opportunity to consider the particular challenges Brexit poses for the city of Belfast and to provide informed insights into the process, in light of the City Council’s aspirations for a City Deal. Chaired by Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive of Belfast City Council, the panel will consist of: Dr. Lee McGowan, Dr. Katy Hayward and Dr. Viviane Gravey.
Friday 19th May Inn of Court, Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast, BT1 3JQ Brexit: Legal Impact & Opportunities The Young Bar Association Conference, Brexit-Legal Impact and Opportunities, will examine core legal issues arising from Britain's exit from the European Union. Topics include the constitution, family, extradition and immigration law.
Tuesday 16th May Leinster House, Dublin
Models of Cross-Border Cooperation for a Post-Brexit Context -  Information Session 


An Information Session organised by the Centre for Cross Border Studies, and hosted by the Oireachtas Joint Committee on EU Affairs.  Focusing on the Norway-Sweden and France-Switzerland borders, this event will examine the realities of cross-border cooperation between EU Member States and non-EU countries.

Monday 8th May Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR Legislating for Brexit The talk will cover three situations: the Referendum Act, the ‘Great Repeal Bill’, and the possibility of any ‘Continuation Bills’ in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
Speaker: Prof. Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Queen Mary University of London
Wednesday 3rd May Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, Dublin 7 Northern/Ireland After Brexit: Exploring the Human Rights Impact The Good Friday/Belfast Agreement recognised the transformational role human rights could play in transitioning this island from conflict to peace. The safeguards on human rights within this agreement look likely to come under strain in the immediate future. The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the potential re-imposition of borders; discussions on the United Kingdom's continued adherence to the European Convention on Human Rights, all raise profound questions regarding the future relationship between the two jurisdictions on the island of Ireland. This seminar focuses on select human rights implications arising from Brexit and beyond. Five leading experts provide reflections on how Brexit will give rise to significant constitutional, legal and political challenges on this island.
Wednesday 3rd May Granville Hotel, Waterford Inter-Trade Ireland Brexit Briefing Event A breakfast briefing event, where SMEs from Waterford and surrounding areas can access the most up-to-date information and advice to help prepare for new trading relationships.The event will answer any questions on business planning, currency hedging, innovation, diversification and building cross-border relationships. A new range of Brexit readiness support from nterTradeIreland will also be shared. By understanding the risks, and opportunities, businesses be well equipped for the journey ahead.
Tuesday 2nd May NICVA, 61 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast Brexit Series: Department for the Economy NICVA are inviting each of the departmental leads on Brexit along to hear their concerns regarding the potential policy impacts Brexit will have on their organisation and service users. NICVA has invited Mary McIvor, Brexit departmental lead in the Department for the Economy, along to provide a briefing on the work her team has undertaken so far and to hear the sector's concerns about policy impacts of Brexit relevant to the work of DE.
April 2017
Tuesday 25th April Hilton, Belfast Economic development in Northern Ireland: key challenges and future opportunities post-Brexit Policy Forum for Northern Ireland Keynote Seminar.
Please note: This seminar was originally scheduled to take place on Monday 16 January but was postponed.
Tuesday 11th April NICVA, 61 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast Brexit Series: Department of Justice NICVA are inviting each of the departmental leads on Brexit along to hear their concerns regarding the potential policy impacts Brexit will have on their organisation and service users. NICVA has invited Jo Wilson, part of the Department of Justice Brexit team, along to provide a briefing on the work her team has undertaken so far and to hear the sector's concerns about policy impacts of Brexit relevant to the work of DoJ.
Wednesday 05th April Rural Community Network, Cookstown Brexit Series: Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs NICVA are inviting each of the departmental leads on Brexit along to hear their concerns regarding the potential policy impacts Brexit will have on their organisation and service users. Graeme Wilkinson, Brexit departmental lead in the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, will provide a briefing on the work his team has undertaken so far and to hear the sector's concerns about policy impacts of Brexit relevant to the work of DAERA.
March 2017
Thursday, 30th March Grand Opera House, Belfast BREXIT: Northern Ireland’s futures - Scenarios for leaving the European Union What will Brexit really mean? An in-depth examination of three scenarios.
The unsettling level of uncertainty has been the only constant in all of the political turmoil that has surrounded the fallout since June 23rd and the momentous decision of the UK to withdraw from the European Union. There is still a plethora of decisions to be taken, and therefore a wide ranging number of possible futures that Northern Ireland may encounter. This scenario-driven event, chaired by Professor David Phinnemore of Queen’s University Belfast will go further and examine the possible scenarios that will impact on Northern Ireland and will focus on three key variables of the future trading relationship that the UK adopts with Europe and the rest of the world; 1. Customs Union participation; 2. Single Market access; 3. WTO Option
Wednesday, 29th March (12.30-2.00pm) The Moot Court Room, Main Site Tower, Queen's University Belfast QPOL Brexit Discussion: Triggering Article 50 - What Next? QPOL Policy Engagement at Queen's will be hosting a series of ‘Brexit Clinics’ bringing together academic experts and stakeholders to discuss the issues facing the UK as it negotiates its withdrawal from the EU, to consider the particular challenges the process poses for Northern Ireland and to provide informed insights into the process. The first of these will be on 29 March 2017 - the day PM Theresa May is due to trigger Article 50 and following the informal gathering of EU-27 leaders in Rome on 25 March 2017 to mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome. The Clinic will involve 3-4 short introductory comments on the process by senior Queen's academics, followed by a Q+A session and discussion addressing issues raised by participants. The panel will consist of: Professor David Phinnemore, Dr. Lee McGowan, Dr. Katy Hayward, Dr. Viviane Gravey
Wednesday, 22nd March Belfast Room, Ulster Museum Brexit and the Border: So What? Join The Open University for a panel discussion about ‘Brexit’ and its implications for the jurisdictions on the island of Ireland.
Will the triggering of Article 50 be a serious blow to peace, politics, trade, or is this simply unfounded scaremongering?
Monday, 20th March Ulster University
Belfast Campus
Room BA00-008
Could Northern Ireland become an Independent Member State of the EU? The UK vote to exit the European Union bucks that trend. But what happens if Scotland remains in the EU, either by leaving the UK or through a new federal dispensation? Like Scotland, the majority in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. One option, which is few people’s first choice but perhaps a sustainable compromise, would be for Northern Ireland to become an independent member state of the EU in its own right, while retaining its British and Irish identities. Northern Ireland is larger than a number of existing EU member states.
This talk and public discussion explores the feasibility of this option as a contingency plan for Northern Ireland in uncertain times. Hosted by Dr Nat O’Connor, Ulster University.
February 2017
Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th February Armagh City Hotel, Armagh Building and maintaining relationships: within, across and beyond these islands after the Referendum Centre for Cross Border Studies’ Annual Conference
December 2016   
Saturday 03 December The Helicon, Bellaghy Fintan O'Toole: A Place in the World: Belonging after Brexit From the 1916 commemorations to Brexit, 2016 has been an emotionally charged year both at home and abroad, raising challenging questions about nation, identity and place. In this post-Brexit landscape, what does a sense of ‘belonging’ mean, and how might it change? Will Brexit damage relations between North and South, or will artists find ways to circumvent the new borders (whether physical, psychological or symbolic)? A lively debate with author and journalist Fintan O’Toole as he examines the ways in which Brexit is redrawing the cultural map.
November 2016   
Tuesday 29 November Queen's University, Belfast Article 50 Litigation: UK, Northern Ireland & EU Perspectives Starting a debate on what litigating on how to start “BREXIT” means from NI, UK and EU law perspectives. The aim of the seminar is to discuss the recent rulings delivered by the High Courts in Northern Ireland (McCord, Re Judicial) and England and Wales (in R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union) concerning the constitutional requirements to trigger Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, in order to kick-start the process of negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Register for free with Eventbrite
Tuesday 10 November Belfast Brexit - What happens now? A chance to hear directly from UK Government Event organised by NICVA to give members the opportunity to hear from UK government on their plans for exiting the EU & chance to put their questions to a representative the UK government. QUB Professor David Phinnemore will also talk through possible scenarios of how the Brexit negiotations might play out and the main issues for NI.
October 2016   
Wednesday 12 October Parliament Buildings, Belfast KESS Seminar: Outcome of the European Referendum: A Northern Ireland Perspective Part of the Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series, hosted by NI Assembly RaISe
September 2016
Tuesday 27th September The Mac, 10 Exchange St, Belfast
(venue changed from UU, Belfast Campus)
Brexiting and Rights Discussion seminar on the human rights and equality implications of the EU referendum. Organised by Transitional Justice Institute, UU and Committee on the Administration of Justice.
Thursday 15th September Queen's University, Belfast Northern Ireland at the Edge: What's next after Brexit? Constitutions and these islands: beyond Brexit (Part two). Focuses on the consequences of the UK’s future relationship with Ireland, north and south.
Friday 9th September Parliament Buildings, Belfast Perspectives on the Impact of Brexit Event hosted by Politics Plus in the Senate Chamber. Daniel Greenberg considers the constitutional and legal implications of Brexit
Tuesday 6th September Belfast Brexit: Making Sense of the Crisis Conference hosted by Agenda NI – The implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland

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