Order Paper

Reference: OP 12-11/15

Date: 28 June 2011

1. Prayers

2. Assembly Business

Nomination to act as Principal Deputy Speaker

3. Executive Committee Business

Legislative Consent Motion: Welfare Reform Bill

That this Assembly agrees that the provisions in clauses 122 and 123 of the Welfare Reform Bill, as amended at Committee Stage in the House of Commons, dealing with the transfer of tax credit functions and the supply of information by a Northern Ireland Department, or by a person providing services to a Northern Ireland Department, should be considered by the UK Parliament.

Minister for Social Development

4. Question Time

4.1 Culture, Arts and Leisure

4.2 Education

4.3 Assembly Commission

5. Committee Business

Motion: Trustees of the Assembly Members' Pension Scheme

That the following Members are appointed as the Trustees of the Assembly Members' Pension Scheme: Mr John Dallat, Mr Ross Hussey, Mr Trevor Lunn, Mr Mickey Brady and Mr Jim Wells.

Mr P Weir
Mr B McElduff
Mr L Cree
Mr P Ramsey
Mrs J Cochrane

Motion: Devolution of Corporation Tax Powers

That this Assembly supports, in principle, the case for the devolution of corporation tax powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly; and looks forward to the outcome of the HM Treasury consultation on ‘Rebalancing the Northern Ireland Economy’, the provision of further information on the associated costs and benefits, and the development of more detailed proposals for implementing and exercising the powers.

Chairperson, Committee for Finance and Personnel 
Chairperson, Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment

Motion: Caesarean Section Rates

That this Assembly calls on the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety to put in place measures to reduce the high rate of caesarean sections, given the risks to both mother and child, as well as the cost to the Health Service.

Chairperson, Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety

6. Adjournment

  • Abandonment of the Jobs and Benefits Project in Strabane

Mr B McElduff

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