Order Paper

Reference: OP 18 11/15

Date: 27 September 2011

1. Prayers

2. Question Time

2.1 Agriculture and Rural Development

2.2 Culture, Arts and Leisure

3. Private Members’ Business

Motion: Support for Rural Businesses

That this Assembly recognises the importance of rural businesses to the local economy; and calls on the Executive to increase support for rural businesses and, in particular, to permit them to advertise on public roads and to erect directional signage.

Mr A McQuillan
Mr G Campbell

Motion: Relationship between Government and the Community and Voluntary sector

That this Assembly notes the invaluable contribution made by the community and voluntary sector, particularly in assisting the most vulnerable people in society; believes that where the sector provides public services, it is appropriate that it should be adequately funded for this provision and any related overhead costs; and calls upon the Minister for Social Development to ensure that there is an effective working relationship between all Executive Departments and the community and voluntary sector.

Mr M Copeland
Mr R Beggs
Mr J McCallister

4. Adjournment

  • Broadband access in Greencastle and other parts of West Tyrone

Mr B McElduff

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