Written Ministerial Statement

The content of this written ministerial statement is as received at the time from the Minister. It has not been subject to the official reporting (Hansard) process.

Department of Justice- Status of the Compensation Agency

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Published at 12:00 noon on Thursday 14 March 2013

Mr Ford (The Minister of Justice): A recent review of the Compensation Agency which I commissioned concluded that the current functions of the Compensation Agency should be integrated within the core Department of Justice. I have accepted the recommendations of the review and agreed that the Compensation Agency should cease to be an Executive Agency of the Department with effect from 1 April 2013.

This is largely an administrative change and will have no impact on the daily work of the majority of staff or the compensation services currently delivered by the Agency. Those services will be delivered by a new business unit within the Department. The new business unit, Compensation Services, will maintain a strong focus on ensuring that compensation services are delivered to victims of crime in an efficient and effective way.

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