Minutes of Proceedings

Session: 2012/2013

Date: 25 September 2012

Venue: Assembly Chamber

The Assembly met at 10.30am, the Speaker in the Chair.

1. Personal Prayer or Meditation

Members observed two minutes’ silence.

2. Executive Committee Business

2.1 Statement - British-Irish Council in Environment Sectoral meeting

The Minister of the Environment, Mr Alex Attwood, made a statement regarding the British-Irish Council in Environmental Sectoral meeting, held in Midlothian on 2 September 2012, following which he replied to questions.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr Beggs) took the Chair.

3. Committee Business

3.1 Motion - Paediatric Congenital Cardiac Services


That this Assembly calls on the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety to reassure parents that the future service model for Paediatric Congenital Cardiac Services will prioritise the needs of their children; and further calls on the Minister to explore fully an all-island solution with his counterpart Dr James Reilly.

Chairperson, Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety

Debate ensued.

The Question being put, the Motion was carried without division.  

The sitting was suspended at 12.44pm.

The sitting resumed at 2.00pm, with the Principal Deputy Speaker (Mr Molloy) in the Chair.

4. Question Time

4.1 Education

Questions were put to, and answered by, the Minister of Education, Mr John O’Dowd.

4.2 Employment and Learning

Questions were put to, and answered by, the Minister for Employment and Learning, Dr Stephen Farry.

The Speaker took the Chair.

5 Private Members’ Business

5.1 Second Stage - Civil Service (Special Advisers) Bill (NIA 12/11-15)

Mr Jim Allister moved the Second Stage of the Civil Service (Special Advisers) Bill (NIA 12/11-15).

Debate ensued.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr Dallat) took the Chair.

The Civil Service (Special Advisers) Bill passed Second Stage (Division).

6. Adjournment

Mr Alex Easton spoke to his topic on the proposed roundabout and dual carriageway for Craigantlet Hills.

The Principal Deputy Speaker (Mr Molloy) took the Chair.


That the Assembly do now adjourn.

The Speaker

The Assembly adjourned at 6.56pm.

Mr William Hay
The Speaker
25 September 2012

Northern Ireland Assembly

25 September 2012

Second Stage: Civil Services (Special Advisers) Bill (NIA 12/11-15)

The Question was put and the Assembly divided.

Ayes: 62
Noes: 32


Mr Allister, Mr Anderson, Mr Beggs, Mr Bell, Mr D Bradley, Ms P Bradley, Ms Brown,
Mr Buchanan, Mr Byrne, Mr Campbell, Mr Clarke, Mr Copeland, Mr Craig, Mr Cree, Mrs Dobson, Mr Douglas, Mr Dunne, Mr Durkan, Mr Easton, Mr Eastwood, Mr Elliott, Mr Frew, Mr Gardiner,
Mr Girvan, Mr Givan, Mr Hamilton, Mr Hilditch, Mr Humphrey, Mr Irwin, Mrs D Kelly, Mr Kennedy, Mr Kinahan, Mr McCallister, Mr McCausland, Mr McClarty, Mr B McCrea, Mr I McCrea,
Mr McDevitt, Dr McDonnell, Mr McGlone, Mr D McIlveen, Miss M McIlveen, Mrs McKevitt,
Mr McNarry, Mr McQuillan, Mr A Maginness, Lord Morrow, Mr Moutray, Mr Nesbitt, Mr Newton, Mrs Overend, Mr Poots, Mr P Ramsey, Mr G Robinson, Mr P Robinson, Mr Rogers, Mr Spratt,
Mr Storey, Mr Swann, Mr Weir, Mr Wells, Mr Wilson.

Tellers for the Ayes: Mr Allister and Mr Wells.


Mr Agnew, Mr Boylan, Ms Boyle, Mr Brady, Mrs Cochrane, Mr Dickson, Dr Farry, Ms Fearon,
Mr Flanagan, Mr Hazzard, Mr G Kelly, Ms Lo, Mr Lynch, Mr Lyttle, Mr McAleer, Mr F McCann,
Ms J McCann, Mr McCartney, Ms McCorley, Mr McElduff, Ms McGahan, Mr McKay,
Ms Maeve McLaughlin, Mr Mitchel McLaughlin, Mr McMullan, Mr Maskey, Mr Molloy,
Mr Ó hOisín, Mr O'Dowd, Ms S Ramsey, Ms Ruane, Mr Sheehan.

Tellers for the Noes: Mr McCartney and Ms Ruane.

The Second Stage was agreed.

Northern Ireland Assembly

Papers Presented to the Assembly on
25 September 2012

1. Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
2. Bills of the Northern Ireland Assembly
3. Orders in Council
4. Publications Laid in the Northern Ireland Assembly
5. Assembly Reports
6. Statutory Rules

For Information Only:

  • S.R. 201/356 The Parking and Waiting Restrictions (Newtownards) Order (Northern Ireland) 2012 (DRD)
  • S.R. 2012/358 The Parking Places on Roads (Kilkeel) (No.2) Order (Northern Ireland) 2012 (DRD)
7. Written Ministerial Statements
8. Consultation Documents           
9. Departmental Publications

Equality Statistics for the Northern Ireland Civil Service Based on Staff in Post at 1 January 2012 (DFP)

10. Agency Publications
11.  Westminster Publications
12. Miscellaneous Publications

Northern Ireland Assembly Legislation:

Stages in Consideration of Public Bills

First Stage: Introduction of Bill.

Second Stage: General debate of the Bill with an opportunity for Members to vote on its general principles.

Committee Stage (Comm. Stage): Detailed investigation by a Committee which concludes with the publication of a report for consideration by the Assembly.

Consideration Stage (CS): Consideration by the Assembly of, and an opportunity for Members to vote on, the details of the Bill including amendments proposed to the Bill.

Further Consideration Stage (FCS): Consideration by the Assembly of, and an opportunity for Members to vote on, further amendments to the Bill.

Final Stage: Passing or rejecting of Bill by the Assembly, without further amendment.

Royal Assent.

Proceedings as at 25 SEPTEMBER 2012

2011-2015 Mandate
Executive Bills

Title &
Bill Number


Second Stage

Comm. Stage to Conclude

Report Ordered to be Printed



Final Stage

Royal Assent

Marine Bill NIA Bill 5/11-15









Superannuation Bill NIA Bill 6/11-15









Inquiry into Historical Institutional Abuse Bill

NIA Bill 7/11-15









Business Improvement Districts Bill NIA Bill 9/11-15









Criminal Justice Bill NIA Bill 10/11-15









Charities Bill NIA Bill 11/11-15













2011-2015 Mandate
Non-Executive Bills

Title &
Bill Number


Second Stage

Comm. Stage to Conclude

Report Ordered to be Printed



Final Stage

Royal Assent

Civil Service (Special Advisers) Bill 12/11-15









/ Bill progressing by accelerated passage

** Please note that any bills that received Royal Assent in the previous session have been removed from the table. 

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