Research and Information Service (RaISe)

Research Publications


RaISe produces a number of Research Publications each year, covering a variety of topics which are of interest to Members, Committees and the general public. Publications from 2010 onwards are available on this site.


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The Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series (KESS) is collectively sponsored by the QUB, UU and RaISe. In an attempt to encourage debate and improve understanding, it provides an opportunity for the presentation of local research findings about diverse social issues faced in various sectors, such as health, social development, education, children/young people and older people.

Deposited Papers

Deposited Papers are unpublished Papers placed in the Library at the direction of the Speaker or a Minister in the Executive. In most cases they provide information requested in an Assembly Question. Where possible these have been made available as pdfs and Deposited Papers from 2007 onwards are currently available online.

Constituency Profiles


Profiles are produced by RaISe and provide a statistical overview of each NI Constituency. The reports include a demographic profile for each as well as key indicators of Health, Education, the Economy, Employment, Low Income, Crime and Traffic and Travel.

Research Register

RaISe is responsible for providing the Assembly, its Members and its Committees with research support on a broad range of subjects. Where appropriate, RaISe can commission external organisations to carry out specific pieces of research and is establishing a register of researchers to facilitate this. Expertise may be required in a wide range of policy areas inc. education, finance, economics, policing and justice.

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