The Northern Ireland Assembly has been dissolved. The election will take place on Thursday 5 May 2016.

Press Releases

Here you will find links to the Press Releases issued by the Public Accounts Committee arranged with the most recent at the top of the list.


Committee questions the benefits from Invest to Save schemes

The Assembly Public Accounts Committee today published its report into the Invest to Save schemes which were introduced to fund Departmental projects that would generate significant savings in the 2010 to 2015 budget period. The aim was for funded projects, which would not have been taken forward without the scheme, to have a clear link between the investment made and the savings generated.

Reference: PAC 07/15/16



Committee finds serious flaws in NIHE's dealings with private developers

The Public Accounts Committee today has published its report into the Governance of Land and Property in the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE). The Report found serious failings in NIHE’s corporate governance regime in relation to a number of individual land disposals between 2004 and 2010.

Reference: PAC 06/15/16



Committee finds Department figures for surplus school places don't add up

The Assembly Public Accounts Committee today published its report on the Sustainability of Schools which has found that the calculation of surplus school places just does not add up.

Reference: PAC 05/15/16



Northern Ireland Events Company

The Public Accounts Committee, which has published its report today into the now defunct Northern Ireland Events Company (NIEC), has highlighted the appalling level of mismanagement and impropriety which led to a financial deficit of approximately £1.6 million.

Reference: PAC 04/15/16



Committee raises concerns over Health Trusts' finances

The Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee has voiced serious concerns over the decline in the financial stability of the Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts in a report published today.

Reference: PAC 03/15/16



£8.9 million in grants to housing associations did not result in social housing

The Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee has voiced serious concerns over the handling of grants to Housing Associations to purchase land for social housing in a report published today.

Reference: PAC 02/15/16



Renewed focus needed to improve public transport says Committee

The Assembly Public Accounts Committee has found that significant improvements could be made in the provision of public transport services here, both by Translink and by the Department of Regional Development.

Reference: PAC 01/15/16



Broadband project grossly mishandled, says Committee

The Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has today issued a highly critical report of the handling of a cross-border broadband project delivered by a private company, Bytel Networks Ltd. The report is the result of an examination carried out by the Committee. A report by the Committee of Public Accounts of Dáil Éireann will also be published today arising from its examination of the Bytel project.

Reference: PAC 07/14/15



Committee calls for radical overhaul of Courts Funds Service

The Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee has today called for the urgent overhaul of the Courts Fund Office (CFO). In its report Managing and Protecting Funds Held in Court, published today, the Committee has criticised the CFO for operating what it terms ‘an archaic service’. 

Reference: PAC 06/14/15



Public Accounts Committee identifies room for big savings

The Health Service could make significant savings if doctors consistently prescribed lower cost medicines which are as effective as ones that are more expensive. This is the stark message from the Public Accounts Committee report on Primary Care Prescribing.

Reference: PAC 05/14/15


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