The Northern Ireland Assembly is in Recess. The Business Committee will meet on the 1st of September and the First Plenary Sitting is the 7th of September.

Forward Work Programme

Please note that the information below is provisional. For further information please visit the business diary.

Date of meeting


  01 July 2015

Statutory Rules

SR - The Funded Public Service Pension Schemes (Reduction of Cash Equivalents) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015

Scrutiny of DFP Business Areas

Performance Against Business Plan Objectives: Central Procurement Directorate - Briefing from DFP

DFP Policy Scrutiny

Review of Business Rates: Consideration of the Draft Terms of Reference - Briefing from DFP


09 September 2015


Primary Legislation

Legal Complaints and Regulation Bill

Rates (Relief for Community Amateur Sports Clubs) Bill (TBC)

Rates (Amendment) Bill (TBC)

Scrutiny of DFP Business Area's

Ministerial Biefing on Departmental Strategic Priorities and other budgetary issues TBC

DFP Performance against PfG and Business Plan Targets - Briefing from DFP

16 September

Primary Legislation

Legal Complaints and Regulation (TBC)

Rates (Relief for Community Amateur Sports Clubs) Bill (TBC)

Rates (Amendment) Bill (TBC)

DFP Policy Scrutiny

EU Funding Programmes: PEACE IV and INTERREG V - Briefing from DFP and SEUPB

Other Issues

End of Session Report: Initial consideration of draft report (TBC)


 23 September

Primary Legislation

Legal Complaints and Regulation Bill (TBC)

Rates (Relief for Community Amateur Sports Clubs) Bill (TBC)

Rates (Amendment) Bill (TBC)

Budget Scrutiny

October Monitoring Round: Departmental position – DFP briefing

Other Issues

The Role of Cerberus Capital Management in the Northern Ireland Economy – briefing from Cerberus Capital Management


 30 September

 Primary Legislation

Rates (Relief for Community Amateur Sports Clubs) Bill (TBC)

Rates (Amendment) Bill (TBC)


Issues to beScheduled -

(Short toMedium Term)

Consultation on Rates (Amendment) Bill; DFP Briefing

Legal Complaints and Regulation Bill: Review of Professional Practices in the Bar of Northern Ireland – Briefing from the Bar Council

Performance Against Business Plan Objectives: Departmental Solicitors Office – Briefing from DFP (TBC)

Banking Services Provided by the Post Office - Briefing from the Post Office

Residual Equal Pay Issues - Update Briefing from DFP

Validation Study of Welfare Reform Costs - Briefing from DFP

NICS People Strategy - Briefing from DFP

Report on Sickness Absence in the NI Public Sector - Briefing from DFP

Draft Memorandum of Understanding on the Budget Process

Review of HR Arrangements including other HR services outside the scope of HR Connect - Briefing from DFP

Rate Rebate Replacement - Briefing from DFP

LPS External Mapping - Briefing from LPS

Innovation Laboratories - Update briefing from DFP

Strategic Investment Board (SIB) Review: Implementation of Social Clauses in Public Procurement – Briefing from SIB

NI Invest Fund: Feasibility Study - Briefing from DFP

Outcome of June Monitoring Round - Briefing from DFP

Building a Prosperous and United Community: Devolution of other Fiscal Powers suitable for Devolution - Update Briefing from DFP

Statutory Rules


Issues to beScheduled

(Longer Term)

NI Law Commission Apartments Report – DFP briefing;

Land Law – DFP briefing;

Defamation Reform

NI Law Commission: Update Briefing on its Work Relevant to DFP’s Remit

Review of Rate Liability for the Landlord Sector – Briefing from DFP

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