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Minutes of Proceedings

Session: 2011/2012

Date: 12 February 2009

Venue: Room 152, Parliament Buildings

The meeting opened in closed session at 10.36 a.m .

1. Apologies

The apologies are detailed above.

10.38 a.m. Mr McNarry left the meeting.

2. Committee’s review of DCAL’s Management of NI Events Company

The following officials from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure joined the meeting:

Mr Paul Sweeney - Permanent Secretary
Mr Edgar Jardine - Deputy Secretary 
Mr Mick Cory - Director

10.44 a.m. Mr McCausland joined the meeting. 
10.53 a.m. Mr Shannon joined the meeting. 
11.27 a.m. Mr Robinson joined the meeting.

Departmental Officials briefed the Committee on issues relating to DCAL’s management ofthe Northern Ireland Events Company. This was followed by a question and answer session. The officials agreed to forward further information to the Committee.

11.58 a.m. Lord Browne left the meeting.

The meeting moved into open session at 12.48 p.m.

3. SL1 – Public Use of the Records (Management & Fees) Rules (NI) 2009

Agreed: The Committee agreed to defer this item to its meeting on 19 February 2009.

Agreed: The Committee agreed that the meeting on 19 February 2009 would commence at 10.00 a.m.

4. Draft Minutes of 5 February 2009

Agreed: The draft minutes of the meeting held on 5 February 2009 were agreed.

5. Matters arising

The Committee noted the Minister’s response specifying the safety work still outstanding at a number of stadia.

The Chairperson advised the Committee that on Wednesday 11 February 2009, he and a number of Members visited Casement Park, Ravenhill and Windsor Park to observe the safety issues at each ground.

The Committee noted the response from the Minister regarding the Bookstart programme.

The Committee noted the letter from the Minister on the Department’s monthly forecast outturn for January – March 2009.

The Committee noted the response from the Arts Council on how it distributes the funding it receives from the Department of Education among eight traditional arts groups.

The Committee noted the holding responses received from Newtownabbey Borough Council, Lisburn City Council, Larne Borough Council, Newry and Mourne District Council, Belfast City Council, and Down District Council regarding the Committee’s request for information on townland names.

The Committee noted the response from the Department to its request for further detail on the Ulster Scots Curriculum Development Unit.

Agreed: The Committee agreed to write to the Ulster Scots Agency to ask when the Curriculum Development Unit had passed its material to the Agency, what system had been used to select schools to participate in the pilot scheme, how the Agency was taking on board the issues raised in the Education and Training Inspectorate Report 2006 - 2008, and to request a copy of the Agency’s strategy for language promotion.

Agreed: The Committee agreed to write to the Minister seeking confirmation as to when he will brief it on the multi sports stadium issue.

12.55 p.m. Mr McNarry rejoined the meeting.

The Chairperson advised that the Department’s final return on February monitoring was awaiting clearance from the Minister before being forwarded to the Committee.

Following a query raised at the meeting of 5 February 2009, the Chairperson advised that it was not appropriate for the Committee to become involved in individual planning cases.

6. Chairperson’s Business

The Chairperson advised that he and the Clerk had met with representatives of Ofcom on Wednesday 11 February 2009 and that a report of the meeting would be provided at next week’s meeting.

The Chairperson advised that he would speak on behalf of the Committee on the Spring Supplementary Estimates 2008-09 and Vote on Account 2009-10 debate in the House on Monday 16 February 2009. Members were asked to forward any issues they wishes to be covered in the speech to the Committee Office by Friday 13 February 2009.

The Chairperson advised that an invitation had been issued to all Members to the launch of the Belfast Film Festival on Tuesday 24 February 2009 in Victoria Square, Belfast.

The Chairperson advised that an invitation had been issued to all Members by NI Screen to the premiere of ‘Five Minutes of Heaven’ on Friday 20 February 2009 in Belfast.

7. Correspondence

The Committee noted the Education and Training Inspectorate Report for 2006-08 and accompanying press release.

The Chairperson advised the Committee that a meeting with Creative Youth Partnerships had been arranged for Thursday 12 February 2009 . The Committee noted the related correspondence.

The Committee noted the response from Mr Michael Wilson, Managing Director of UTV, regarding UTV’s commitment to regional programming.

8. Inquiry into the funding of the arts

The Committee noted the response to the inquiry from the Committee for Finance and Personnel.

9. Forward Work Programme

The Committee noted the Forward Work Programme.

Agreed: The Committee agreed to request Hansard coverage for the evidence sessions relating to the proposal for a statutory rule by PRONI and on safety at sports grounds.

10. Any other business

Agreed : The Committee agreed to write to the Minister requesting that he mark the achievements of Tony McCoy, Champion National Hunt jockey.

11. Date and time of the next meeting

The next meeting of the Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure will be on Thursday 19 February 2009 at 10.00 a.m. in Room 152, Parliament Buildings.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 1.05 p.m.

Mr Barry McElduff MLA 
Chairperson, Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure 
19 February 2009

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