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Review of Tree Disease - Woodland Trust Email

This is an email received by the Committee Clerk (Stella McArdle) from Patrick Cregg (of the Woodland Trust) regarding the Oak Processionary Moth - Stormont Presentation:


From: Patrick Cregg
Sent: 26 February 2013 10:31
To: McArdle, Stella 
Subject: Oak Processionary Moth - Stormont Presentation

Dear Stella

There appears to have been some confusion in respect of Andrew Sharkey’s presentation and his reference to the role of Kew Gardens in the introduction of the Oak Processionary Moth  to Britain. Andrew was not suggesting that the moth was introduced on trees imported by Kew but that the trees which were planted elsewhere had faced Kew with significant expenditure treating infected trees in the Royal Botanic Gardens. From Andrew’s notes  it might be worth reiterating what in fact he did say.

Notes from slide 19

"Oak processionary moth – entered the UK on mature oak trees imported for a landscaping project in London – just six trees involved – such mature trees are already their own ecosystem including significant soil imports

The Oak Processionary Moth (Thaumetopoea processionea) is native to central and southern Europe. Adult male moths have occasionally been found along the south coast of England and also on the Channel Islands, where they have presumably either flown in or been blown across from the Continent. It gets its common name from its caterpillars' striking habit of forming long lines, or ‘processions’, in trees and other substrates."

Direct import on mature trees for landscaping

Just six trees = enormous costs and implications for government and private sector .

I am not sure if all present on the evening were confused but felt it best to clarify what was said by Andrew in order to set the record straight.

Kind regards


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