Secretariat Management Group

The Secretariat Management Group (SMG) is the top-level leadership and management forum in the Assembly Secretariat. Its primary role is to ensure the effective delivery of the Assembly Commission's Corporate Strategy.

SMG also has responsibility for advising and supporting the Chief Executive in the exercise of her duties. This includes advice and support on the strategic direction and overall management of the Assembly Secretariat. In addition to this advisory and support role, SMG also fulfils a leadership role across each of the Directorates which includes the co-ordination and delivery of cross-Directorate activities. SMG has responsibility for the development and implementation of strategy, management of risk, and oversight of performance including financial performance and service delivery. The terms of reference for SMG are available at Annex D of the Corporate Governance Framework.

Individual functional responsibilities are delegated to SMG members under letters of delegation issued by the Chief Executive. Therefore, SMG members have both individual and collective responsibility for the effective operation of the Assembly Secretariat. However, the Chief Executive retains final authority for all decisions or plans made by SMG.

SMG comprises the Chief Executive as Chair and the Directors of:

  • Corporate Services;
  • Facilities;
  • Legal and Governance Services and
  • Parliamentary Services.

Other advisors who are not members of SMG (both internal and external) may be invited to attend SMG meetings for particular agenda items.

Minutes of SMG meetings, which are held monthly, are listed below and a Register of Interests for SMG members is available here.


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