CCTV Information Leaflet

Date Protection Act 1998
This sets out rules and best practice for processing personal information.

There are 8 principals of good information handling and they include:

Ensuring that data is fairly and lawfully processed.

That it is processed for limited purposes.

That it is adequate, relevant, and not excessive.

That the data held is accurate.

That the data is not kept for longer than is necessary for whatever the purpose.

That the data is in line with your rights.

That data held is secure.

That data is not transferred to countries without adequate protection.

The main purpose of the Act is primarily two fold. It places responsibilities on those who hold information relating to living individuals. It also gives individuals the right to access information held about them.

Description of the Images Recorded by our CCTV System
Our CCTV cameras cover the external precincts and also some internal zones of the Northern Ireland Assembly. In order to provide a safe and secure environment.

The Purpose of Our Recorded Images.
CCTV cameras are in operation to provide if necessary evidence of illegal or unauthorised activities within the precincts of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Our Disclosure Policy
A member of the Northern Ireland Assembly staff will determine if the disclosure that you are requesting is appropriate. Full consideration will be given to the content of the images requested. In particular we shall consider any third parties who may also appear on the image. In some instances it will be appropriate for us to remove images of recognisable third parties before releasing the image for you to view.

Disclosure of data obtained by the CCTV system will only be permitted in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Making a Request for CCTV Images. (Subject Access Request) 

If you decide that you need to view an image which may have been recorded on our CCTV system. We need you to provide us with a few details. This information will help use locate the information that you are requesting.

Information Requirement
The following information is required about the person who is requesting the images: 

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Town
  • Post Code
  • County
  • Telephone Number (inc STD code)
  • Whether you require a copy of the data or only to view it.
  • Reason for Request

Searching our CCTV archives
To enable us to conduct an effective search of our CCTV archives, please supply the following:

  • A recent full face photograph of yourself with your signature on the rear.
  • Your height.
  • Description of clothing that you were wearing
  • Date of occurrence.
  • Brief description of occurrence.
  • Time of occurrence.
  • Occurrence location.
  • Whether Internal or external to Parliament Buildings.

Proof of Identity
To help to establish your identity your request must be accompanied by two official documents that clearly show your:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address

A fee may be charged for each Subject Access Request.

Our Contact Details
Freedom of Information Officer
NI Assembly
Parliament Buildings

Tel: 02890 521152

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