Press Release

Committee Secures Delay to Extension of Carrier Bag Levy

Session: 2013/2014

Date: Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Reference: ENV 03/13/14

The Committee for the Environment has secured a delay to the introduction of new charging arrangements for carrier bags to allow more time to communicate the changes to the public.

The Committee has just published its report on the Carrier Bags Bill, which will introduce the second phase of charging for carrier bags, extending the 5p levy to the cheaper versions of reusable bags in order to address concerns that these bags will become the new "throwaway" bag. This follows the first phase of charging for carrier bags, which came into effect in April 2013 and introduced a 5p charge for single-use carrier bags.

Committee Chairperson Anna Lo said: "We all know the problems that plastic bags can cause for the environment. They often end up as unsightly litter or landfill, or find their way into the sea and waterways, causing harm to wildlife. The Committee is therefore pleased that initial evidence suggests that the first phase of carrier bag charging has led to a significant decrease in the number of plastic bags in circulation.

"While the Committee was examining the Bill, however, Members were concerned that the Department's proposed implementation date for the second phase of charging - April 2014 - was too soon. They felt that it did not give the Department enough time to prepare the public for these new charging arrangements. In addition, Members felt that the Department needed more time to gather clear evidence on how the first phase of charging has impacted on retailers, particularly smaller retailers, and on people's shopping habits. Representatives of the major supermarkets also told the Committee that a longer lead-in period would give them more time to get ready for putting the new arrangements in place.

"In response to the Committee's concerns, the Department has now given us an assurance that it will amend the Bill, and we welcome the delay of further charges until at least January 2015."

Ms Lo concluded: "We hope that this later implementation date will give the Department time to deliver a clear communications strategy to the public. The last thing we want is for shoppers to be confused: they need clear, straightforward information on exactly which types of bags will be subject to the levy and what they will cost at the checkout."


Notes to Editors:

The full Committee report is available here

The Carrier Bags Bill can be found here

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