Press Release

Beef produced in Northern Ireland is of the highest standard says Committee

Session: 2012/2013

Date: Tuesday, 05 February 2013

Reference: AGR 03/12/13

The Assembly Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development today received an emergency briefing from DARD.  This is following the announcement that horsemeat labelled as beef was discovered in a Northern Ireland cold store. 

Committee Chairperson, Paul Frew MLA said: “The recent discovery of horsemeat labelled as beef in a Northern Ireland cold store is indeed worrying. However, the briefing from DARD officials today provided assurances to the Committee that there is no danger to public health in relation to beef produced in Northern Ireland. 

“The Committee is extremely proud of the Northern Ireland beef industry, as it has one of the highest standards in the world in relation to the traceability of meat. The consumer can be confident that when he/she buys beef produced in Northern Ireland, the product is of the highest standard.” 

Deputy Chairperson, Joe Byrne MLA said: “The Committee understandably has genuine concerns with the recent revelations about horsemeat  labelled as beef being found in a cold store in this region. The briefing from DARD today was extremely helpful in providing reassuring information about the issue. We hope that the full story is made available as soon as possible. 

“We are glad to hear today that, beef produced in Northern Ireland is a quality product, in which the consumer can have confidence.”  

Notes to Editors:

Committee Membership:
Mr Paul Frew – Chairperson
Mr Joe Byrne – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Thomas Buchanan
Mr Trevor Clarke
Mrs Jo-Anne Dobson
Mr Chris Hazzard
Mr William Irwin
Mr Declan McAleer
Mr Kieran McCarthy
Mr Oliver McMullan
Mr Robin Swann

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