Research Papers 2012

Synopsis Here you will find a list of Regional Development Committee research papers published during 2012.

  • Background to the Free Travel Scheme for People Aged 60-64

    Reference: 186/12 - Date: 29/11/2012

    This paper provides an overview of the Free Travel Scheme for people aged 60-64.

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  • Best practice in transport integration

    Reference: 184/12 - Date: 28/11/2012

    This paper provides an insight into the concept of ‘Integrated Transport’ and examines cases of best practice.

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  • Best Practice in Parking Enforcement

    Reference: 183/12 - Date: 28/11/2012

    This paper provides an overview of parking enforcement.

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  • Price Cap Regulation in the UK Water Industry

    Reference: 181/12 - Date: 26/11/2012

    The Northern Ireland utility regulator has published its draft price control determination for its second price control period (PC13). This paper examines the approach the regulator takes to set the price limit and compares experiences of this form of price cap regulation across the United Kingdom.

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  • Public Transport Reform

    Reference: 132/12 - Date: 18/09/2012

    This briefing paper has been prepared to inform the Committee for Justice on a study visit to Hull. The purpose of the visit was to meet with multi-disciplinary representatives of criminal justice agencies including: Humberside police, Hull Youth Justice Service, Humberside Criminal Justice Board, HM Court Service and judiciary in relation to the Hull Triage system and to examine the youth court process.

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  • Discounted car parking initiatives

    Reference: 99/12 - Date: 06/06/2012

    This paper examines the prevalence of discounted town and city centre parking initiatives as a policy response to declining town centre high streets.

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  • Impacts of 20 mph schemes on increased walking, cycling and emission levels

    Reference: 89/12 - Date: 23/05/2012

    This paper examines the merits of 20mph speed limit zones in urban and residential areas, focusing on the contribution they make to increasing walking and cycling and reducing emissions. Proponents of lower speed limits believe at 20 mph the safety of vulnerable road users is increased significantly while users of motorized vehicles are not unduly inconvenienced. This paper uses case studies to demonstrate that 20mph zones have played an important role in increasing walking and cycling levels. However, evidence to support the assertion that 20mph will reduce emission is less clear cut.

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  • Achieving efficiencies in public transport delivery:The role of Local Integrated Transport Services (LITS)

    Reference: 80/12 - Date: 17/05/2012

    This paper presents the findings of a review of the Local Integrated Transport Services Pilot Scheme which has taken place in a selection of rural communities in Ireland.

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  • Community Transport in Northern Ireland

    Reference: 81/12 - Date: 17/05/2012

    This paper discusses: - the development of community transport; - the current state of the community transport sector in Northern Ireland; - the potential for community transport to be better utilised for home-to-school, and patient transport; and - the potential role of community transport within proposed local transport plans

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  • Unadopted roads in private developments

    Reference: 10/12 - Date: 25/01/2012

    Following consideration of RaISe publication 155/11 entitled: ‘Adoption of New Roads in Private Developments and the use of Bonds’, Members requested further information, included in this briefing paper, on the number of unadopted roads in Northern Ireland. This is classified by District Council Area.

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  • Developments in European Transport Policy

    Reference: 11/12 - Date: 25/01/2012

    This paper provides a description of the European Union’s role in developing transport policy. It provides an overview of the legal framework governing transport policy in Europe and discusses the role of the Transport White Papers in the formation of policy.

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