Press Releases

Here you will find links to the Press Releases issued by the Regional Development Committee arranged with the most recent at the top of the list.

Committee Rails Minister and Translink and calls for an Immediate Inquiry
Reference: CRD 02/14/15
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Committee welcomes movement on roads issue

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Regional Development today welcomed the commitment given by Transport NI to introducing weight restrictions in Hillsborough village.

Reference: CRD 01/14/15
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Committee Expresses Opposition to Enforcement Cameras

The Committee for Regional Development has today voiced its strong opposition to departmental plans to introduce enforcement cameras in bus lanes in Belfast.

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Committee Welcomes Appointment of New Chief Executive for Translink

The Committee for Regional Development has today welcomed the appointment of David Strahan as Chief Executive of Translink.

Reference: CRD 08/13/14
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Committee gets on its bike with cycling inquiry

The Northern Ireland Assembly’s Committee for Regional Development today announced plans for evidence gathering sessions in relation to its Inquiry into the Benefits of Cycling to the Economy.

Reference: CRD 07/13/14
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Committee welcomes appointment of new CEO for Northern Ireland Water

The Committee for Regional Development has welcomed the appointment of Sara Venning as Chief Executive of Northern Ireland Water.

Reference: CRD 06/13/14
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Committee Welcomes Decrease in Water charges

The Committee for Regional Development has today welcomed a decision by NI Water to reduce water and sewerage charges for non-domestic customers.

Reference: CRD 05/13/14
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Committee Welcomes Consultation on Proposed Lagan Footbridge

The Assembly Committee for Regional Development has today welcomed the launch of a consultation on the new proposed Lagan Footbridge.

Reference: CRD 04/13/14
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Committee Welcomes Christmas Town Centre Parking Tariff

The Chairman of the Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Regional Development, Mr Jimmy Spratt MLA, has welcomed the announcement of a new parking tariff for town centres in the lead up to Christmas.

Reference: CRD 03/13/14
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Committee Sets Record Straight on its Transport Structure Proposals

The Chairman of the Committee for Regional Development, Mr Jimmy Spratt MLA, has today set the record straight following the publication and debate on the Committee report on its Inquiry into Comprehensive Transport Delivery Structures.

Reference: CRD 02/13/14
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Committee Stunned by Translink’s Admission of Significant Communications Failure

The Committee for Regional Development heard at their meeting today that Translink had a significant collapse in their communication lines when it failed to advise the Minister and the Department of their decision to pursue an alternative procurement process in respect of the phase two of the Coleraine to Londonderry rail line.

Reference: CRD 01/13/14
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Committee Critical of Translink Transparency

The Committee for Regional Development has criticised the Department for Regional Development and Translink for the lack of transparency over the level of reserves held by Translink.

Reference: CRD 06/12/13
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Committee Criticises Translink Fare Increases

The Committee for Regional Development today denounced increases in the cost of travelling by bus and by rail. The information emerged during a presentation to the Committee from the Chief Executive of Translink, Catherine Mason, on the organisation’s corporate and business plan. The increases will see the cost of a bus journey rise by 3% and the cost of a train journey rise by 5%.

Reference: CRD 05/03/13
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Committee Welcomes Clearway Consultation

The Committee for Regional Development welcomes public consultation on experimental changes to urban clearway restrictions on three main roads in South Belfast.

Reference: CRD 04/12/13
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Committee Pleased To See Belfast Continue To Move

The Chair and Members to the Committee for Regional Development today welcomed the announcement that Phase Two of Belfast on the Move was to commence at the end of January.

Reference: CRD 16/01/13
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Abandoned Roads Need To Be Addressed Says Committee

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Regional Development launched its report, ‘Inquiry into Unadopted Roads in Northern Ireland’ today, and called on the Minister of Regional Development and the Executive to urgently address the current backlog of unadopted roads and sewers.

Reference: RD 02/12/13
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Committee Agrees Inquiry into Transport Structures

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Regional Development today announced an Inquiry into Comprehensive Transport Delivery Structures.

Reference: CRD 01/12/13
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Committee Members Meet NI Transport Holding Company
Reference: CRD 08/11/12
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Committee Chair Welcomes A5 Report
Reference: CRD 09/11/12
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Committee Chair Clarifies Flood Meetings
Reference: CRD 16/07/12
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Committee Welcomes Measures to Reduce Accidents on A4
Reference: CRD 05/11/12
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Young people tell Assembly Committee‘Transport Matters’
Reference: RD 03/10/11
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Assembly Committee Gets on Board with Bus Rapid Transit
Reference: CRD 04/11/12
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Assembly Committee Concerned at Cuts in Bus Service
Reference: CRD 03/11/12
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Committee Ready for Challenges Ahead
Reference: CRD 02/11/12
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Committee Calls for Better Communication at Northern Ireland Water
Reference: CRD 01/11/12
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Assembly Committee quizzes Northern Ireland Water on handling of water crisis
Reference: RD 02/10/11
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Assembly Committee Welcomes Publication Of Utility Regulatory Report
Reference: RD 01/10/11
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Assembly Committee Questions Minister Over Recent Events At The Department For Regional Development
Reference: RD 08/09/10
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Statement from the Regional Development Committee following its special meeting today
Reference: RD 07/09/10
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Fare Increases Won't Grow Public Transport
Reference: RD 06/09/10
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Regional Development Committee Endorses Roads Bill
Reference: RD 05/09/10
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Committee considers Utility Regulator's decision on costs and efficiencies for Northern Ireland Water
Reference: RD 04/09/10
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Committee Commends Roads Service
Reference: RD 03/09/10
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Timely Investment will Pay Dividends say Regional Development Committee
Reference: RD 02/09/10
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Media Operational Notices

Committee to Examine Translink Accounts

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Regional Development will hold a special meeting to receive a briefing from Translink officials on the company’s 2012/2013 accounts.

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Minister to Brief Committee on A5 and Translink

The Minister for Regional Development will be briefing the Committee for Regional Development at its next meeting.

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Assembly Committees to Participate at This Year’s Balmoral Show

Northern Ireland Assembly Committees will again attend this year’s Balmoral Show with the Committees for Agriculture and Rural Development, Regional Development and Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister all represented at the Show.

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Committee to Consider Objectives for Translink Inquiry
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Regional Development Minister and Translink CEO to Address Committee
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