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Here you will find links to the Press Releases issued by the Public Accounts Committee arranged with the most recent at the top of the list.

Social housing tenancy fraud still a problem, says Committee

A report on social housing tenancy fraud, issued today by the Public Accounts Committee, has found that the Department for Social Development (DSD) has failed to get to grips with the issue.

Reference: 01/14/15
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Education Welfare Service must get to grips with school absence

An Assembly report, published today by the Public Accounts Committee, has found that the Education Welfare Service (EWS) is not on top of the problem of non-attendance at school.

Reference: PAC 09/13/14
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Committee criticises high cost of Account NI

The Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee has today reported on the performance of Account NI, which makes payments on behalf of all local Government departments as well as 18 other public bodies.

Reference: PAC 08/13/14
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Committee calls for more robust investigations into Departmental fraud allegations

The Public Accounts Committee has today released two reports, published jointly, looking at the way investigations into the Roads Service and Northern Ireland Water were carried out.

Reference: PAC 06/13/14
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Committee finds PSNI cannot show agency staff were value for money

The Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee has today released a report examining the use of agency staff in the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), a practice which has cost £106 million since 2004.

Reference: PAC 10/13/14
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Committee says management at Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute was unacceptably poor

Management and oversight at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) has been unacceptably poor, the Assembly Public Accounts Committee today revealed.

Reference: PAC 09/13/14
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Committee calls for review of current procurement structures

An Assembly report on collaborative procurement, published today by the Public Accounts Committee, has called for a review of the current procurement structures. Local public procurement accounts for around £2,700,000,000 (£2.7 billion) of expenditure each year.

Reference: PAC 03/13/14
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£11 million contract to rebuild Lyric Theatre flawed says Committee

An Assembly report, published today by the Public Accounts Committee, has found that the way the £11 million contract to rebuild the Lyric Theatre was awarded was significantly flawed and failed to adhere to principles of good practice.

Reference: PAC 02/13/14
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Committee condemns NI Fire and Rescue Service leadership

The Public Accounts Committee has today condemned the poor leadership provided by the senior management in the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) in its report, NI Fire and Rescue Service: An Organisational Assessment and Review of Departmental Oversight, and Report on Accounts 2011-12.

Reference: PAC 01/13/14
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Department must close gap in educational achievement says Committee

The large and persistent gap in literacy and numeracy between pupils who are entitled to free school meals and those who are not must not be allowed to continue. That is the key message in the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee report launched today entitled Improving Literacy and Numeracy Achievement in Schools.

Reference: PAC 06/12/13
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Invest NI Performance Must be Measured by Actual Outcomes

The measurement of Invest NI’s performance should be based on investment achieved and jobs created, rather than on promises by investors or the results anticipated at the start of projects. That’s the message from the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee which today launched its report into the performance of Invest NI.

Reference: PAC 05/12/13
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No Evidence that Health and Social Care Services are Safer for Patients than a Decade Ago

A Report published today by the Public Accounts Committee has highlighted that, while the vast majority of services provided by Health and Social Care Trusts are of a very high quality, patients and service users can suffer largely preventable harm and suffering.

Reference: PAC 04/12/13
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Committee Slates Housing Executive over Management and Accountability Failures
Reference: PAC 03/12/13
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Rates Debt Rises To £160 Million

A new Report from the Assembly Public Accounts Committee has raised concerns that the level of rate debt has almost doubled in the last five years rising from £88 million in 2006-07 to £160 million in 2011-12.

Reference: PAC 02/12/13
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Early Enforcement by NIEA Needed to Save Listed Buildings
Reference: PAC 01/12/13
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Concerns Raised Over Former Military Sites
Reference: PAC 09/11/12
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Failed Bioscience Institute: A Lesson in How Not to Manage Innovation Projects
Reference: PAC 08/11/12
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Pensioners Miss Out on Millions in Unclaimed Benefits
Reference: PAC 07/11/12
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PAC Reports on External Consultancy Spend
Reference: PAC 06/11/12
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Use of Locum Doctors Must Be Closely Managed
Reference: PAC 05/11/12
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Community and Voluntary Sector Make Vital Contribution Says Committee
Reference: PAC 04/11/12
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Farm Nutrients Scheme poor value for money at £121 Million
Reference: PAC 03/11/12
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Reform Exorbitant Criminal Legal Aid System Says Committee
Reference: PAC 02/11/12
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Committee Agrees Priorities for New Inquiries
Reference: PAC 01/11/12
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Basic Skills Still a Problem for Many Adults
Reference: PAC 09/10/11
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Committee Takes Stock of Four Years Oversight
Reference: PAC 10/10/11
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Public Accounts Committee Releases Report into NI Water
Reference: PAC 08/10/11
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Better Oversight Needed In Homes For Older People
Reference: PAC 07/10/11
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Committee Report on Ministerial Appointments Receives Assembly Support
Reference: AER 01/10/11
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Statement by the Public Accounts Committee
Reference: PAC 06/10/11
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Statement from the chair of the Public Accounts Committee
Reference: PAC 05/10/11
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Disability Living Allowance Appeals Process Must Be Improved
Reference: PAC 04/10/11
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Substitute Teacher Cover Cost £66 Million
Reference: PAC 03/10/11
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PAC Finds Office Space Cost Taxpayers £1.8m
Reference: PAC 02/10/11
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Statement from the Assembly Public Accounts Committee
Reference: PAC 01/10/11
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Statement from Chair of Assembly Public Accounts Committee Inquiry into Northern Ireland Water
Reference: PAC 18/09/10
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Public Accounts Committee Calls North/South Bodies To Account
Reference: PAC 17/09/10
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Government Slow to Learn Project Management Lessons, Committee Finds
Reference: PAC 16/09/10
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Organised Crime Must be Stamped Out says Committee
Reference: PAC 15/09/10
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Private Sector Scoops £54 million in PFI Project
Reference: PAC 14/09/10
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Patients Wait 15 Years For Resettlement In The Community
Reference: PAC 13/09/10
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Gateway Review Process Could Save Millions, Says Committee
Reference: PAC 11/09/10
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Personal Injury Claims Costing Taxpayer £4 million per year
Reference: PAC 12/09/10
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Assembly Committee Gives Education Programme An 'A' For Effort
Reference: PAC/10/09/10
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Planning Service 'Not Fit for Purpose' says Public Accounts Committee
Reference: PAC 09/09/10
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No room for complacency as health improves for local people
Reference: PAC 08/09/10
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Welfare-to-Work Programme Failed Participants
Reference: PAC 07/09/10
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PAC puts Irish Sport Horse Project under scrutiny
Reference: PAC 06/09/10
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Departmental Performance Claims Unreliable, Says Committee
Reference: PAC 05/09/10
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Nomadic Restoration Could Cost Taxpayers £7 Million
Reference: PAC 04/09/10
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Social housing arrears exceed £20 million
Reference: PAC 03/09/10
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PAC Report Highlights Serious Failings in IDB Backed Inward Investment Project
Reference: PAC 02/09/10
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PAC Report Highlights Suspected Fraud in BELB
Reference: PAC/01/09/10
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Media Operational Notices

Assembly Committees Make Joint Visit to City of Culture

Six Northern Ireland Assembly Committees are to visit the City of Culture on Wednesday, 12 June. The Committees will hold their meetings at three venues across the city: Magee campus of the University of Ulster, the new Ebrington Barracks venue and the North West Regional College.

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