Forward Work Programme

From this page you can find out more about the upcoming schedule for the Committee for Justice. Select a month below to find out more.

Please note the following items that are yet to be scheduled:

  • Briefing on the results of the consultation on Governance and Accountability of the Public Prosecution Service – oral briefing
  • Child Sex Offender Public Disclosure Scheme – policy and draft consultation paper on whether or not to adopt similar scheme to rest of the UK – written briefing
  • Statutory Discount Rate (methodology on setting rates): next steps following consultation responses/update on UK wide decision – written briefing
  • Update briefing on the implementation of the Witness Care Unit pilot project
  • Crown Court (Amendment) Rules - new rule to reflect Rule 20 (Magistrates’ Court Rules) and provide for release of certificates of conviction – written briefing
  • Briefing on the results of the consultation on the Exceptional Grant Funding Scheme – oral briefing
  • Support for Victims of Human Trafficking policy and draft consultation document – written briefing
  • Briefing on the results of the consultation on Proposals for  New System of Remuneration for Civil and Legal Aid Cases
  • SL1: Reform of Police Complaints and Discipline Regulations – written briefing
  • Briefing on the results of the Consultation on Changes to Custodial Arrangements for Children in Northern Ireland
  • Policing & Community Safety Partnerships: Update on the outcome of the Review of Members’ Expenses – written briefing
  • Briefing on the results of the Consultation on a Proposal to Place the Office of the Northern Ireland Prisoner Ombudsman on a Statutory Footing
  • Briefing on the results of the Consultation on the Draft Equality Impact Assessment and Draft Evaluation Report on the Pilot Youth Engagement Clinic Model
  • Briefing on the results of the Consultation on  Proposals to Introduce Statutory Time Limits in the Youth Court
  • Briefing on the Criminal Justice Inspectorate Report on a Follow-up Review on how the criminal justice system works to address sexual violence and abuse
  • Briefing on progress on the delivery of the Desertcreat Training College Capital Project
  • Six Month Update on Access to Justice Review recommendations – written briefing
  • SLI: Briefing on proposals for the Reform of Financial Eligibility for Civil and Criminal Legal Aid
  • Briefing on the results of the Consultation on the Future Regulation of Vehicle Immobilisation on Private Land in Northern Ireland
  • Judicial Pensions and the Implications in the case of O'Brien - information paper - written briefing
  • Criminal Defence Service - draft consultation document - written briefing
  • Review of Expert Witnesses Arrangements - draft consultation document  - written briefing
  • Future regulation of Private Security Industry: Policy proposals and cost implications - written briefing
  • Results of the Consulatation on the Transitional Order and Qualifying Offences (Order) Implementation of the New Biometric Retention Framework - written briefing
  • Results of the Consultation and draft Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Strategy 2013-2020 - oral briefing
  • Briefing on the Budget Process for 2015/16 - oral briefing
  • Briefing on the Results of the consultation on Alternative Methods of Funding Money Damages Claims - oral briefing
  • Magistrates' Courts Rules - Minor amendment to Rule 149k regarding witness summonses to address ambuguity identified in para 2 - written briefing
  • Magistrates' Courts Rules - Insert new Rules to prescribe the procedure for applications relating to further detention and realisation of seized personal property Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) - written briefing

Visits to be Scheduled:

  • Visit to England/Wales to view a private prison facility
  • Visit to Big Lottery funded projects aimed at supporting young people at risk of offending



Organisations for Committees next Informal Meeting:

  • Mens Aid NI - to discuss a project on legal aid and family law
  • Autism NI – to discuss the difficulties for the criminal justice system in identifying and processing young people with autism and the “Young People, Autism and  Criminal Justice” Project
  • Northern Ireland Safety and Lifeskills Education Centre Partnership - update on a pilot project to help address some of the major causes of unintentional injuries to young people and focus on tackling social issues such as online safety, anti-social behaviour, and drugs and alcohol awareness

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