Research Papers 2013

Synopsis Here you will find a list of Committee for Finance and Personnel research papers published during 2013.

  • European Union Competitive Funding in Northern Ireland

    Reference: 144/13 - Date: 10/12/2013

    This paper gives an overview of the European Union competitive funding policies and priorities of the Northern Ireland Executive. The paper also examines issues surrounding the drawdown of these funds in Northern Ireland.

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  • Telework in the US Federal Government

    Reference: 141/13 - Date: 05/12/2013

    This briefing paper provides further information and evidence to the Committee for Finance and Personnel in relation to the implementation in the United States of the Telework Enhancement Act 2010.

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  • Financial forecasting by Northern Ireland departments 2012-13: an analysis

    Reference: 91/13 - Date: 26/09/2013

    This paper presents from the Assembly’s perspective an analysis of Northern Ireland departments’ financial forecasting performance for the years 2011-12 and 2012-13. It seeks to identify whether performance improved in 2012-13 compared to the previous year. Particular attention is paid to the forecasting performance of the Department of Finance and Personnel. In addition, this paper provides the Committee for Finance and Personnel with an update following its recommendation that the Assembly’s statutory committees may wish to receive regular briefings from RaISe on the subject.

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  • Spending Round 2013

    Reference: 110/13 - Date: 11/09/2013

    This Briefing Note provides the Assembly with information on the implications of the United Kingdom (UK) Government’s Spending Round (SR) 2013 for Northern Ireland.

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  • Cabinet Office Mystery Shopper Scheme

    Reference: 96/13 - Date: 08/07/2013

    This paper considers the role of the Cabinet Office Mystery Shopper Scheme in Public Procurement Contracts.

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  • Flexible working: further evidence

    Reference: 94/13 - Date: 08/07/2013

    It updates RaISe paper Flexible Working 95/12 by providing a review of recent evidence. An in-depth case study of the United States’ federal agencies’ telework programme is also presented.

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  • The Defamation Act 2013

    Reference: 90/13 - Date: 26/06/2013

    The paper briefly examines the Defamation Act in the light of current legislation concerning defamation in Northern Ireland and summarises the main points considered during debates during the passage of the Bill

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  • NICS Human Resources: Shared Services

    Reference: 89/13 - Date: 26/06/2013

    This research paper presents an overview of the performance of the e-HR Programme, with a particular emphasis on its key shared service deliverable, HRConnect. It tracks the projected benefits from the e-HR Programme’s Full Business Case across its subsequent performance reviews.

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  • Public Service Pensions Bill Paper

    Reference: 87/13 - Date: 25/06/2013

    This Research Paper provides background on the Public Service Pensions Bill, which is to be debated at Second Stage on 25 June 2013.

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  • Sub-economic tendering: Developments and Best Practice

    Reference: 86/13 - Date: 21/06/2013

    This paper considers the issue of sub-economic/abnormally low tendering in the awarding of public contracts from an international comparative perspective.

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  • Prompt Payments: Developments and Best Practice

    Reference: 85/13 - Date: 21/06/2013

    This briefing paper provides an overview of recent key developments regarding prompt payments and considers international best practice in this area.

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  • Gazumping and Gazundering in Northern Ireland

    Reference: 65/13 - Date: 08/05/2013

    This briefing note explains the concepts of Gazumping and Gazundering (G&G), in the context of the Northern Ireland (NI) property market. It also discusses measures to reduce the incidence of G& G and offers key considerations when seeking to protect potential buyers and sellers from both practices.

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  • European Commission Work Porgramme 2013: proposals within the remit of the Committee for Finance and Personnel

    Reference: 49/13 - Date: 11/04/2013

    This Note provides a table that lists the proposals in the European Commission Work Programme 2013 which RaISe has identified as relevant to the Committee for Finance and Personnel’s (CFP) remit. A description of each proposal is provided. In addition, RaISe has provided some commentary and, in places, some suggested actions for CFP to consider.

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  • Equality Issues in Recruitment to the Northern Ireland Civil Service (Update)

    Reference: 38/13 - Date: 11/03/2013

    This paper provides an analysis of recruitment competition outcomes within the Northern Ireland Civil Service through an examination of equality monitoring information made available by the Department of Finance and Personnel.

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  • Update on Fiscal Devolution and Devolved Funding

    Reference: 28/13 - Date: 15/02/2013

    This Research Paper provides an up-to-date review of developments across the United Kingdom (UK) in relation to fiscal devolution and funding arrangements for the devolved administrations. The paper suggests some issues arising from the review that the Committee for Finance and Personnel may wish to consider as part of its future inquiry into the Barnett formula.

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