Press Releases

Here you will find links to the Press Releases issued by the Committee for the Environment arranged with the most recent at the top of the list.

Committee Seeks Views of Young Drivers of Today and Tomorrow

The Environment Committee is seeking the views of young people as it scrutinises the Department of Environment’s Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill, which proposes changes to driving age and restrictions for new drivers.

Reference: ENV 03/14/15
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Swords facility provides state of the art resource, say Committees

The Environment Committee recently joined forces with the Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure to view the Resource Collections Centre at Swords.

Reference: ENV 02/14/15
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Committee Concern as Road Deaths Continue to Rise

During a recent briefing from the PSNI, members of the Environment Committee expressed their increasing concern about the rising number of fatal accidents on roads.

Reference: ENV 01/14/15
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Committee to Examine Proposed New Road Safety Legislation

The Committee for the Environment has begun its scrutiny of legislation that will propose a range of new measures to improve road safety in Northern Ireland.

Reference: ENV 05/13/14
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Environment Committee Proposes Changes to Local Government Bill

The Committee for the Environment has today published its report on the Local Government Bill, which will make significant changes to how local government will operate, including the introduction of new governance arrangements.

Reference: ENV 04/13/14
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Committee Secures Delay to Extension of Carrier Bag Levy

The Committee for the Environment has secured a delay to the introduction of new charging arrangements for carrier bags to allow more time to communicate the changes to the public.

Reference: ENV 03/13/14
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Committee Explores Wind Energy Issues

The Committee for the Environment has commenced a review into wind energy, with a focus on the environmental and planning aspects of wind energy development.

Reference: ENV 02/13/14
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Committee to Scrutinise Major Reform of Local Government

The Committee for the Environment is now considering the Local Government Bill, which will introduce significant changes to local government in Northern Ireland. The Bill will provide for new governance arrangements for local councils, including changes to how decisions are made and how positions of responsibility on councils are shared across political parties. It will also introduce a new ethical standards regime and council-led community planning arrangements.

Reference: ENV 01/13/14
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Committee Focuses on Wind Farms in West Tyrone

The Committee for the Environment travelled to Omagh earlier this week to hear from local organisations about wind energy development in the area. Members of the Committee received briefings from West Tyrone Against Wind Turbines and Omagh and Strabane District Councils’ Joint Working Group on Wind Farms.

Reference: ENV 15/12/13
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Committee Scrutinises Proposed New Increases in Carrier Bag Charges

The Committee for the Environment is now considering the proposed Carrier Bags Bill, which will apply charges to a wider range of carrier bags and increase the amount of the charge.

Reference: ENV 14/12/13
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Planning Bill Will Streamline Planning System, Says Committee

The Committee for the Environment today published its Report on the Planning Bill, which details the Committee’s consideration and views on the Bill.

Reference: ENV 13/12/13
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Committee Welcomes Tougher Stance on Drink Driving

The Committee for the Environment has welcomed the Minister’s announcement that, under proposed new legislation, a minimum 3-year disqualification period for drink driving will apply to all repeat offenders, irrespective of alcohol levels.

Reference: ENV 12/12/13
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More Action Needed on Disposal of Used Tyres, Says Committee

The Committee for the Environment today called for further action to ensure the safe and effective disposal of used tyres in its final report on its Inquiry into Used Tyre Disposal.

Reference: ENV 11/12/13
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Careful Consideration of Planning Bill is Needed, Says Committee

The Committee for the Environment will hold an event on the Planning Bill on Thursday, 18 April 2013 at Parliament Buildings.

Reference: ENV 10/12/13
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Committee Expresses Concern at Graduated Penalties for Drink Driving

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for the Environment today expressed concern at proposals for legislation to establish a graduated penalty scheme for those who reoffend under new drink driving limits.

Reference: ENV 09/12/13
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Crannog Site Provides Real Insight into Our Past, Says Committee

Following a visit to The Drumclay Crannog earlier this week, the Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for the Environment recognised the need for the project’s extension and emphasized the importance of the project to future generations.

Reference: ENV 08/12/13
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Draconian European Vehicle Testing must not come to Northern Ireland, Committee urges

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for the Environment is calling on a House of Lords Committee to support its objection to the introduction of proposed new legislation for testing the roadworthiness of vehicles and roadside inspections.

Reference: ENV 07/12/13
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Committees Concerned for Retail Planning in Border Areas

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for the Environment and the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht co-hosted an event in Enniskillen on the difficulties faced in planning issues, especially the impact of planning guidelines on town centres in border areas.

Reference: ENV 06/12/13
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Committee to Co-host Discussion on Planning and Town Centres with Oireachtas Environment Committee

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for the Environment and the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht will co-host an event in Enniskillen next week on the difficulties faced in planning issues, especially the impact of planning guidelines on town centres in border areas.

Reference: ENV 05/12/13
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Environment Committee on National Parks Fact Finding Trip

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for the Environment has spent the past two days on a fact finding visit to Scotland and England to gather more information about national parks. Proposed legislation for the designation and management of national parks is due to be introduced to the Assembly in December 2012.

Reference: ENV 04/12/13
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Environment Committee Not Convinced By Multi Agency Approach To Combat Metal Thefts

Following a briefing from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency’s (NIEA) Environmental Crime Unit (ECU), the Assembly Committee for the Environment remains concerned that measures to reduce and combat the high level of metal theft1 in Northern Ireland will not be effective.

Reference: ENV 03/12/13
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Committee Criticises Department On Ineffective Response To Impact Of Used Tyres

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for the Environment has criticised the Department of the Environment's poor response to the Committee's Report into the Management of Used Tyres. The Report made 20 important recommendations to help address the problem of illegally dumped tyres, however the Department has rejected a number of these, including those which would be the most effective at reducing the impact of used tyres on the environment.

Reference: ENV 02/12/13
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Environment Committee Fishes for Evidence in Kilkeel

The Northern Ireland Assembly Environment Committee visited Kilkeel Harbour this week to find out more about the challenges faced by the fishing industry in Northern Ireland.

Reference: ENV 01/12/13
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Environment Committee Chair Comments on Recent Climate Change Survey
Reference: ENV 12/11/12
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Assembly Committee Shocked By Level Of Metal Theft In Northern Ireland
Reference: ENV 11/11/12
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Assembly Committee Motion Focuses on Environmental Impact of Bag Charge
Reference: ENV 10/11/12
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Committee tells Department to Tighten Up on Used Tyre Disposal
Reference: ENV 09/11/12
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Committee Criticises Department For Lack of Urgency Over Local Government Reform
Reference: ENV 08/11/12
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Committee Calls for Stronger Environmental Targets as Part of Programme for Government
Reference: ENV 07/11/12
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Committee calls for action to protect Strangford Lough
Reference: ENV05/11/12
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Committee Challenges Department on Delays to Implementing Legislation
Reference: ENV 04/11/12
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Committee Welcomes Department Review of Used Tyre Disposal
Reference: ENV 03/11/12
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Committee puts Pressure on Department to Deliver a Safe and Fair Taxi System
Reference: ENV 02/11/12
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New Committee Chair Gets Stuck Into Environment Issues
Reference: ENV 01/11/12
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Assembly Committee for Environment Reflects on its Achievements
Reference: ENV 13/10/11
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Delays to Taxis Act Frustrates Assembly Committee
Reference: ENV 12/10/11
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Committee Amendments Strengthen Planning Bill
Reference: ENV 11/10/11
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Committee to challenge Department on timing of New Planning Laws
Reference: ENV 10/10/11
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Committee to Raise Age of Ban on Sale of Aerosols
Reference: ENV 09/10/11
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Committee Welcomes Protection for Council Funds
Reference: ENV 08/10/11
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Committee Backs Cuts to High Hedges
Reference: ENV 07/10/11
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Assembly Committee Challenges Department To Protect Rates Grants To Local Government
Reference: ENV 06/10/11
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Minister Agrees to Revise Timetable for Implementing Legislation
Reference: ENV 05/10/11
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Assembly Committee Raises Fines for Illegal Waste
Reference: ENV 04/10/11
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Committee to Question Minister Over Department Performance
Reference: ENV 03/10/11
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Committee Urges Department To Postpone Decision On Belfast City Airport
Reference: ENV 02/10/11
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Changes To Bus Operator Licensing Will Lead To Isolation Warns Assembly Environment Committee
Reference: ENV 01/10/11
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Assembly Committee Welcomes Public Enquiry into New Electricity Lines
Reference: ENV 14/09/10
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Assembly Committee Queries Department Approach To Planning
Reference: ENV 13/09/10
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Assembly Committee Focuses in on Driving Instructors
Reference: ENV 12/09/10
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Assembly Committee Puts Pressure on Department to Plan Carefully
Reference: ENV 11/09/10
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Assembly Committee calls for urgent consultation with Planning Service employees about proposed redeployment
Reference: ENV 10/09/10
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Environment Committee expresses grave concern at Department proposals for Planning Service
Reference: ENV 09/09/10
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Environment Committee says Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill must have greater impact
Reference: ENV 08/09/10
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Environment Committee welcomes Road Safety Strategy consultation
Reference: ENV 07/09/10
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Assembly Committee Calls on Minister to Reinstate Crucial Funding
Reference: ENV 06/09/10
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Environment Committee Reviews Marine Management Activity
Reference: ENV 04/09/10
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Environment Committee Examines Impact Of Cuts To Agencies
Reference: ENV 05/09/10
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Environment Committee Focuses on Making our Roads Safer
Reference: ENV 03/09/10
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Northern Ireland Has Duty to Recognise Impacts of Climate Change Says Committee
Reference: ENV 02/09/10
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Protecting our Environment is Responsibility of all says Committee
Reference: ENV 1/09/10
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Media Operational Notice

Environment Minister to Brief Committee on Key Issues

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for the Environment will receive a briefing from the Minister of the Environment, Mr Mark H Durkan MLA.

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Assembly Committees Make Joint Visit to UK City of Culture

Five Northern Ireland Assembly Committees are to visit the City of Culture on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 October 2013. The Committees will hold a series of meetings, visits and events across the City

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Committee to Focus on Local Government

The Committee for the Environment will receive a briefing from Department of the Environment officials on the consultation on severance arrangements for local councillors. It will also receive a briefing by the Local Government Auditor on the 2012 Local Government Auditor report.

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Ministerial Briefing on Local Government Reform Funding
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Committees to Visit Drumclay Crannog, Enniskillen
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Committee To Lead On NILGA Conference Panel Discussion
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Belfast City Airport to Address Committee
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Committee Visit to City Walls
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Environment Committee Meeting at Clotworthy House
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Agriculture Committee Motion on Farming Crisis
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Assembly Committee to Discuss Planning and Town Centres with Oireachtas Environment Committee
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