Committee Chairperson - Anna Lo MBE

Deputy Chairperson - Pam Cameron

Membership (11)

Alliance Anna Lo (Chairperson)
Democratic Unionist Party Pam Cameron (Deputy Chairperson)11

Ian McCrea 1,7,10,12


The Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley

  Peter Weir
Sinn Féin

Cathal Boylan

Ian Milne 8,9

  Barry McElduff 4,6
Social Democratic and Labour Party Colum Eastwood 5
  Alban Maginness 3,13
Ulster Unionist Party Sandra Overend 2, 14


1 With effect from 20 February 2012 Mr Gregory Campbell replaced Ms Paula Bradley

2 With effect from 23 April 2012 Mr Tom Elliott replaced Mr Danny Kinahan

3 With effect from 23 April 2012 Mrs Dolores Kelly replaced Mr Patsy McGlone

4 With effect from 08 May 2012 Mr Chris Hazzard replaced Mr Willie Clarke

5 With effect from 18 June 2012 Mr Colum Eastwood replaced Mr John Dallat

6 With effect from 10 September 2012 Mr Barry McElduff replaced Mr Chris Hazzard

7 With effect from 01 October 2012 Mr Alastair Ross replaced Mr Gregory Campbell

8 With effect from 07 April 2013 Mr Francie Molloy has resigned as a Member and his replacement on this committee has yet to be announced

9 With effect from 15 April 2013 Mr Ian Milne replaced Mr Francie Molloy

10 With effect from 07 May 2013 Mr Sydney Anderson replaced Mr Alastair Ross

11 With effect from 10 September 2013 Ms Pam Cameron replaced Mr Simon Hamilton as Deputy Chairperson

12 With effect from 16 September 2013 Mr Ian McCrea replaced Mr Sydney Anderson

13 With effect from 07 October 2013 Mr Alban Maginness replaced Mrs Dolores Kelly

14 With effect from 04 July 2014 Mrs Sandra Overend replace Mr Tom Elliott

Cathal Boylan

Mr C Boylan

Sinn Féin

Newry and Armagh

Pam Cameron

Mrs P Cameron

Democratic Unionist Party

South Antrim

Colum Eastwood

Mr C Eastwood

Social Democratic and Labour Party


Anna Lo

Ms A Lo

Alliance Party

South Belfast

Ian McCrea

Mr I McCrea

Democratic Unionist Party

Mid Ulster

Barry McElduff

Mr B McElduff

Sinn Féin

West Tyrone

Alban Maginness

Mr A Maginness

Social Democratic and Labour Party

North Belfast

Ian Milne

Mr I Milne

Sinn Féin

Mid Ulster

Maurice Morrow of Clogher Valley

Lord Morrow

Democratic Unionist Party

Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Sandra Overend

Mrs S Overend

Ulster Unionist Party

Mid Ulster

Peter Weir

Mr P Weir

Democratic Unionist Party

North Down

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