Research Papers 2012

Synopsis Here you will find a list of Committee for Employment and Learning research papers published during 2012.

  • UK Youth Employment and Training Schemes

    Reference: 192/12 - Date: 12/12/2012

    This paper provides a spreadsheet detailing UK Youth Employment and Training Schemes.

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  • Mobile Infrastructure Project

    Reference: 179/12 - Date: 23/11/2012

    The following paper provides an overview of the Mobile Infrastructure Project, outlining what the project aims to achieve, and how it will be delivered.

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  • Scottish Universities – Proof of Residence

    Reference: 170/12 - Date: 06/11/2012

    This paper briefly discusses the proof of residency requirements needed to be met in order to attend Scottish Universities.

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  • CAO Admissions Criteria

    Reference: 151/12 - Date: 10/10/2012

    This paper discusses the Central Applications Office in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) admissions criteria for Northern Ireland (NI) students. It also considers the points equivalence for A-Levels and AS-Levels to Leaving Certificate Exams (LCE) and the number of NI domiciled students attending ROI Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

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  • European Commission Legislative Proposals 2012

    Reference: 130/12 - Date: 14/09/2012

    This paper provides a spreadsheet detailing information on legislative and non-legislative initiatives laid out in the EU Commission Work Programme 2012.

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  • Key European Union Issues of Note to the Committee for Employment and Learning

    Reference: 129/12 - Date: 14/09/2012

    The following Briefing Note is a companion paper to Paper 130/12 European Commission Legislative Proposals 2012. This paper briefly discusses key issues in the EU which may be of note to the Committee for Employment and Learning.

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  • Northern Ireland’s Economy and Labour Market

    Reference: 128/12 - Date: 14/09/2012

    This paper provides a discussion of the Northern Ireland Economy and Labour Market. It includes consideration of economic growth, employment and unemployment and levels of economic activity.

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  • EU Regional Employment Data

    Reference: 127/12 - Date: 14/09/2012

    The following paper is a companion paper to 128/12Northern Ireland’s Economy and Labour Market. It provides a comparison of major employment data for Northern Ireland and selected EU regions. The data discussed includes: Employment; Unemployment; and Economic Activity rates

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  • Youth Training Groups based in Northern Ireland

    Reference: 114/12 - Date: 03/07/2012

    This paper provides a spreadsheet detailing groups based in Northern Ireland which provide training to young people.

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  • Scotland Tuition Fees and Northern Ireland Students

    Reference: 68/12 - Date: 01/05/2012

    When a student goes to university in another EU country, as an EU citizen they are entitled to pay the same course fees as a national. Within a nation (such as within the UK) it is possible for a country to differentiate fees between regions as they are not subject to the cross border aspect of EU regulations. This gives rise to a potential issue regarding the unique constitutional circumstances of Northern Ireland residents, where it is possible for them to claim Irish and/or UK citizenship. In these circumstances, the question must be asked – Is it possible for a Northern Ireland student holding an Irish passport to claim EU eligibility for free tuition fees in Scotland?

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  • Rationale for Departmental Reorganisation and Location of DEL Principal Activities in Similar Government Departments

    Reference: 66/12 - Date: 25/04/2012

    This paper provides information on the reasons cited for Departmental reorganisation in a number of regional and national governments. In order to ensure the relevancy with regards to the proposed reorganisation of the Department for Employment and Learning, the paper will be focused on government departments with a similar role. In addition, the paper includes a table detailing where the principal activities of the Department for Employment and Learning lie in other national and regional governments.

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  • Economic Development in San Diego and Detroit

    Reference: 55/12 - Date: 02/03/2012

    The following paper provides a brief discussion of the economic development in San Diego and Detroit. The paper includes a short discussion of the collapse of the local economies in both these cities and provides key points as to how the local governments regenerated or are in the process of regenerating their economies.

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  • Education Maintenance Allowance – The Scottish Model

    Reference: 51/12 - Date: 29/02/2012

    The following paper discusses the Scottish Model of EMA and how it differs from the system as delivered in Northern Ireland.

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  • Northern Ireland Draft Economic Strategy – Areas of Note for the Employment and Learning Committee

    Reference: 50/12 - Date: 29/02/2012

    On the 17th November 2011 the draft Economic Strategy for Northern Ireland was released. Interested parties have until the 22 of February 2012 to provide comments and suggestions to the consultation. This paper provides a brief overview of the main points of the Strategy which are relevant to the work and remit of the Committee of Employment and Learning. In addition, Appendix 1 to this paper provides a table detailing the objectives for DEL as detailed in the Draft Action Plan for the Strategy.

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  • Potential Locations for Committee for Employment and Learning Study Visit

    Reference: 14/12 - Date: 26/01/2012

    The following paper was requested in order to inform the decision of the Committee for Employment and Learning in selecting a European Union destination that provides a best practice example of improvements in employment (through work skills projects, structural reform, etc.) which result in overall economic and social growth.

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  • Programme for Government 2011-15: Areas of Note to the Committee for Employment and Learning

    Reference: 03/12 - Date: 17/01/2012

    The following paper discusses the recent PFG 2011-15 and its implications for the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL), including strategic priorities, key goals and commitments. The paper also includes a brief discussion of the pertinent points from the previous PFG and what targets have been met.

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