Research Papers 2014

Synopsis Below you will find a list of Committee for Education research papers published during 2014.

  • Teacher Training: Primary Science Content

    Reference: 89/14 - Date: 30/09/2014

    This paper considers Teacher Education for the primary school phase as offered by 3 institutions in Northern Ireland: St Mary’s University College, Stranmillis University College and the University of Ulster (Coleraine campus).

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  • Primary Science: Teaching Time and Enquiry-Based Learning

    Reference: 88/14 - Date: 30/09/2014

    This paper considers the 2011 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) report which indicates that 10 year old pupils in Northern Ireland receive an average of 72 hours of science teaching time per annum.

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  • Visual Impairment and Educational Attainment

    Reference: 77/14 - Date: 20/06/2014

    This paper gives a background to visual impairment by summarising childhood vision development. It then outlines the incidence of visual impairment and its effect on development and academic attainment, making reference to a number of academic studies. Finally, the paper examines Visual Stress, and discusses the challenges faced by pupils with this condition.

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  • Services for Children with Visual Impairment

    Reference: 76/14 - Date: 20/06/2014

    This paper gives an overview of services available for school children with visual impairment in the United Kingdom. It makes reference to referral, waiting times, formal benchmarking and the nature of services available.

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  • Science in the Revised Curriculum

    Reference: 3814 - Date: 26/03/2014

    There has been little research carried out to investigate the impact of the revised curriculum on the teaching of science. This paper makes reference to the limited number of studies that have been undertaken in this area. It should be noted that the Education and Training Inspectorate will undertake an evaluation survey of the World Around Us. This will be complete in June 2014.

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  • The Scottish Qualification Authority: Quality Assurance and Governance

    Reference: 28/14 - Date: 19/02/2014

    This briefing note outlines the quality assurance arrangements and governance model adopted by the SQA. It also refers to the separation of awarding and accrediting functions and makes comparison to the system in Northern Ireland.

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  • Parent Councils

    Reference: 27/14 - Date: 19/02/2014

    This briefing note looks at the Scottish Schools (Parent Involvement) Act 2006 which established a new model of parent representation and came into effect on 1 August 2007. The Act replaced School Boards with Parent Councils, designed to be less formal and friendlier to encourage more parents to get involved school issues.

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  • Language Immersion

    Reference: 26/14 - Date: 19/02/2014

    This briefing note gives an overview of the immersion systems used as a technique of teaching a second language in the Republic of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. It also makes reference the provisions made to inspect schools which adopt the immersion model.

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  • Complaints Procedures for School Inspections

    Reference: 25/14 - Date: 19/02/2014

    This paper summarises the processes with respect to school inspections by the Education and Training Inspectorate in Northern Ireland (ETI), Ofsted in England, HM Inspectorate of Education in Scotland, Estyn in Wales & the Inspectorate in the Republic of Ireland.

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  • Inspections: Notification and Information

    Reference: 24/14 - Date: 18/02/2014

    This briefing note outlines the notice period given to schools in advance of an inspection in the various jurisdictions. It also details the information and documents that the respective inspectorates request from schools.

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  • Inspectorate Governance and Budget: England, Scotland and Finland

    Reference: 23/14 - Date: 18/02/2014

    This paper summarises who has the power to make decisions and how account is rendered with respect to the school inspectorates in England, Scotland and Finland. It also makes reference to the budgetary arrangements for the inspectorates in England and Scotland

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  • European Funding Streams: Education

    Reference: 22/14 - Date: 18/02/2014

    This Briefing Note provides an overview of non-competitive & competitive EU funding.

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