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Committee to Investigate Inclusion in the Arts

The Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure has announced today that it will carry out an Inquiry into the inclusion of working class communities in the arts.

Reference: CAL 03/13/14
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CAL Committee Calls for More Safeguards for Our Young People

Clear structures, policies and procedures are needed to support the protection and safeguarding of all vulnerable groups. That is the message from the Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure in its report published today on gaps in child protection and safeguarding across the Culture, Arts and Leisure remit.

Reference: CAL 02/13/14
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Minister Welcomes Committee’s Regional Library Motion

The Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure today brought a Motion to the floor of the Assembly which called on the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure to support the redevelopment of Belfast Central Library as a regional library hub.

Reference: CAL 01/13/14
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Committee Questions Management of Capital Projects

The CAL Committee has expressed concern about the Northern Ireland Audit Office findings on its investigation into the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure’s management of seven major capital projects.

Reference: CAL 05/12/13
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Committee Visits Fermanagh Archaeological Dig
Reference: CAL 04/12/13
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Branding Will Help the Creative Industries Move Forward, says Committee

Clear branding, leadership and collaboration will help to provide a boost to the Creative Industries in Northern Ireland. That is the message from the Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure in its report published today on maximising the potential of the Creative Industries.

Reference: CAL 03/12/13
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Committee Celebrates Chinese New Year with Launch of Chinese Art Exhibition

The Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure today launched a Chinese art exhibition in Parliament Buildings.

Reference: CAL 02/12/13
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Committee Seeks Consistency In Child Protection

The Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure today announced that it will carry out a focused investigation into gaps in Child Protection and Safeguarding within the culture, arts and leisure sectors; including around social media.

Reference: CAL 01/12/13
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Concern For Northern Ireland’s Archaeological Heritage
Reference: CAL 07/11/12
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Committee Encourages Participation in World Book Day
Reference: CAL 06/11/12
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Committee Responds to Review of Libraries Opening Hours
Reference: CAL 05/11/12
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Committee Inquiry puts Spotlight on Creative Industries
Reference: CAL 04/11/12
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Committee Welcomes Positive Response from Libraries NI
Reference: CAL 03/11/12
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Assembly Committee Urges Nominations for Olympic Torch Carriers
Reference: CAL 01/11/12
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Committee Calls on Executive to Acknowledge Importance of Museum and Heritage Sector
Reference: CAL 10/10/11
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Possible Library Closures on Committee Agenda
Reference: CAL 09/10/11
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Committee Supports Efforts To Attract Olympic Teams
Reference: CAL 08/10/11
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Assembly Committee Calls for Arts and Heritage Support
Reference: CAL 07/10/11
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Northern Ireland Fails to Secure 2012 Olympic Events
Reference: CAL 06/10/11
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Review into Impact and Value of Museums in Northern Ireland
Reference: CAL 05/10/11
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Libraries Are A Vital Resource For Communities, Says Committee
Reference: CAL 04/10/11
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Investment In The Arts And Sport Can Strengthen The Economy
Reference: CAL 03/10/11
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Assembly Committee Alarmed At Special Olympics Funding Deficit
Reference: CAL 02/10/11
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Assembly Committee Says Sport Can Make A Real Contribution To Health
Reference: CAL 01/10/11
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Assembly Committee Celebrates School Choir of the Year
Reference: CAL 16/09/10
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Assembly Committee Gains Insight Into Film Industry
Reference: CAL 15/09/10
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Assembly Committee Hosts 'Math-a-Magic' Performance
Reference: CAL 14/09/10
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Committee Welcomes Progress on Townlands
Reference: CAL 13/09/10
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Assembly Committee Learns Lessons From Finland
Reference: CAL 12/09/10
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Formula One Zooms Up to Parliament Buildings
Reference: CAL 11/09/10
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Sport Relief Beckons For Committee Members
Reference: CAL 09/09/10
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Assembly Committee says Don't Just Watch, Play It
Reference: CAL 10/09/10
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Committee Concern over Proposed Library Closure at Ballynahinch
Reference: CAL 08/09/10
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Fame Beckons for Castlederg Chloe
Reference: CAL 07/09/10
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Take Our Art Out Of The Dark Says Committee
Reference: CAL 06/09/10
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MLAs Gear Up For Inquiry As They Take Part In Sports Relief
Reference: CAL 05/09/10
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Committee calls for Greater use of Townland Names
Reference: CAL 04/09/10
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Arts vital to the economy says Assembly Committee
Reference: CAL03/09/10
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NI Assembly Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee to Visit The Ulster Museum
Reference: CAL02/09/10
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CAL Committee Voices Concern At Change In Museum Opening Hours
Reference: CAL01/09/10
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Assembly Committee Explores the Power of Language
Reference: CAL 07/08/09
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Lessons on Arts Funding Can Be Learnt From City of Culture
Reference: CAL 06/08/09
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Committee Celebrates Townlands
Reference: CAL 05/08/09
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Cal Committee Reminder On Creative Industries Fund Deadline
Reference: CAL 03/08/09
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Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee Visit Omagh
Reference: CAL10/08/09
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Museums Policy Urgent says Committee
Reference: 09/08/09
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2009 Rally Ireland Races Into Enniskillen
Reference: CAL 08/08
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CAL Calls On UTV To Halt Redundancies And Consult
Reference: CAL 07/08
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Museums Policy Under Scrutiny In Guildhall
Reference: CAL 06/08
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Culture, Arts And Leisure Committee To Meet In Ulster Folk And Transport Museum
Reference: CAL 04/08
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CAL Committee calls for new Museums Policy
Reference: CAL 03/08
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Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee to meet in Millennium Forum
Reference: CAL 02/08
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Committee will hold a meeting in the Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre, Armagh
Reference: CAL 01/08
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Minister to update Committee on Multi Sports Stadium
Reference: CAL 02/07
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Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure meets for the first time
Reference: CAL01/07
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Media Operational Notices

Committee to be Briefed on DCAL Capital Projects

The Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure will receive a briefing from the departmental Permanent Secretary on the Northern Ireland Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee reports on DCAL’s management of capital projects.

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Committee to Celebrate the Launch of Creativity Month

The Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure will mark the launch of Creativity Month by hosting an event to promote the work of artists and craftspeople from across Northern Ireland.

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Assembly Committees to Host ‘Stem Is Cool’ Event

The Assembly’s Education; Employment and Learning; Enterprise, Trade and Investment; and Culture, Arts and Leisure Committees in partnership with the Northern Ireland Science Park will attend a special event on Wednesday 29 January 2014 to promote the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Subjects.

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Committee to Begin Inquiry into Allegations Arising from BBC NI Spotlight Programme

The Assembly Committee for Social Development will begin its evidence sessions for the inquiry at its meeting on Thursday 14 November 2013.

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Assembly Committees Make Joint Visit to UK City of Culture

Five Northern Ireland Assembly Committees are to visit the City of Culture on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 October 2013. The Committees will hold a series of meetings, visits and events across the City

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Minister to Brief Committee on Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure’s Business Plan for 2013-14

The Minister will provide a briefing to the Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure on the department’s Business Plan for 2013-14.

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Committee to Visit the Lough Neagh Fisherman’s Cooperative Toomebridge and Ballyronan Marina

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure will visit the Lough Neagh Fisherman’s Cooperative in Toomebridge on Thursday 4 July 2013. Members will receive briefings from the Lough Neagh Fisherman’s Cooperative, Dr Derek Evans from the Agri-food and Bio Science Institute and from the Lough Neagh Dollaghan Trust.

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Committee to Hold Meeting at Tollymore National Outdoor Centre

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure will hold its next meeting tomorrow (Thursday 13 June) at the Tollymore National Outdoor Centre, Bryansford, Newcastle, one of the venues for this year’s World Police and Fire Games.

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Assembly Committee to meet at Armagh Planetarium
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Committee to Bring Forward Creative Industries Report

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Committees to Visit Drumclay Crannog, Enniskillen
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Committee to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chinese Art Exhibition

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure will launch a Chinese art exhibition in Parliament Buildings to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. The exhibition is a joint venture between the Committee and the Confucius Institute at the University of Ulster.

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