Forward Work Programme

Here you can find further information on the upcoming work of the Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development by browsing their Forward Work Programme.

Date of meeting


9 September

Committee Business

Oral briefing UFU : Beef Crisis

Committee Planning Meeting – review of 2013/14 and strategic priorities to Christmas 2014

16 September

Committee Business

Oral Briefing Weber Sandwick: Horse racing in Northern Ireland

Oral Briefing: DARD Minister

Oral Briefing DARD: CAP Pillar 1

23 September

Committee visit to National Ploughing Championship 

30 September

Committee Business

Oral Briefing NIACA: SFP 2014 and future

Oral briefing DARD: SFP 2014 and preparation for new payment scheme

Oral briefing DARD: Public Expenditure – October 2014/15 Monitoring

Written briefing SL1: Brucellosis Control (Amendment) Order (NI) 2014

7 October

Committee Business

RaISe Briefing : Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion

Oral Briefing DARD: NIFAIS, Information on the Outline Business Case once considered by DFP.

Written Briefing DARD: Pre Consultation EQIA The adoption of Online as the primary channel for communicating and transacting with customers.

Oral Briefing DARD: Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion

Written briefing: Pre Consultation: The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) Regulations (NI) 2015

14 October

Committee Business

Oral Briefing DARD: Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020

Oral Briefing DARD/DETI : Going for Growth

21 October

 Committee Business

Oral Briefing Rivers Agency: Reservoirs Bill Financial Assistance Scheme & Consideration Stage

Oral Briefing Rural Support Network: Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion

Oral Briefing DARD: SL1 – Rathlin Island Fishing Exclusion Zones Regulations (NI) 2014 

Written briefing SL1: The Seeds (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations NI 2014 

RaISe Briefing : Scottish Visit

28 October

 Halloween Recess

4 November

 Committee Business

Oral Briefing Rural Community Network: Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion

Oral Briefing DARD: Nitrates Action Programme (NAP) 2015 - 18

Written briefing DARD : The Protection and Conservation of Sea Bass Regulations 2014

Written Briefing DARD: SL1 The Dogs (Licensing and Identification) (Amendment) Regulations (NI) 2014

11 November

 Committee Business

Oral Briefing RDC: Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion

Oral Briefing DARD: Draft BVD Legislation and SL1

Written Briefing DARD: SL1 Draft Common Agricultural Policy Direct Payments to Farmers under Support Schemes  (Cross-Compliance) Regulations (NI) 2015

18 November

 Committee Business

Oral Briefing UFU / NIAPA: Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion

Oral Briefing DARD: Relocation of DARD Headquarters

Oral Briefing DARD: Fishing Opportunities 2014

25 November

 Committee Business

Oral Briefing NISRA: Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion (Rural Deprivation)

Written Briefing DARD: The Zoonoses (Fees) Regulations (NI) 2015

Oral Briefing Prof Trutz Haase: Anti-poverty and Social Inclusion (Rural Deprivation)

2 December

 Committee Business

Oral Briefing DARD: Mid-year progress report on the DARD 2014/15 Business Plan targets

9 December

 Committee Business

Consideration of issues raised and way forward – Committee discussion / potential discussion with DARD

Oral Briefing DARD: Public Expenditure – January 2014/15 Monitoring

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